Apart from famous touristic sights such as Passage or Duke monument, Odesa is full of less-known, but also charming and interesting places. Let us find out some secret spots of Odesa.

Sometimes strangeness is a function of amazing architecture where we least expect it. 6 amazing buildings in Ukraine, is a list of  odd, eye-popping structures that are worth a tour.

Buky village in Kyiv region is popular travel destination due to the beautiful landscape park located on its territory. This is a perfect option for a weekend getaway with friends or family, as the place offers charming and beautifully designed setting for picnics and leisure walks and it’s only an hour drive from the busy Kyiv.

Summer is the right time for many exciting outdoor activities such as doing sports or laying on a beach, and fishing is undoubtedly one more great thing to do. Fishing is a special hobby – it brings relaxation, but also requires concentration and attention at the same time. Lots of people really enjoy the whole process of fishing, which starts with searching for a good silent place and usually ends with getting home with a rich haul of fresh fish. Let`s take a look at the list of good fishing clubs near Kyiv.

Wedding is undoubtedly one of the happiest events in people`s life. All couples always try to choose the most beautiful and comfortable location for their special day to make the experience bright and unforgettable for themselves and their guests. Many loving couples would love to get married in a castle, on a seashore or at some other unique location. Let us consider the best places for holding such a special event in Ukraine.

Ukrainian landscape can boast a wide network of small and big rivers. In general, the territory of Ukraine includes more than 70 000 rivers, located in the different corners of the country. Many of these rivers are notable not just for their refreshing waters and natural beauty, but also for various interesting legends related to their history. Let us consider the most exciting stories about some of Ukrainian rivers.

Small town of Svaliava in Zakarpattya Region is a well-known resort not only in Ukraine, but also in neighboring countries. Its mineral waters and their unique healing qualities were first described in  a historical document dating back to 1463. Till our days many people come to Svaliava to cure their bodies and souls enjoying breathtaking mountain views and unique mineral waters.

Kyiv is a vibrant and dynamic city that is constantly growing and evolving. The urbanization process of the city has recently involved both successful and not so projects. In the nearest future the capital of Ukraine is anticipating a number of significant and useful additions to its urbanist interface.

The relocated herd of buffaloes has been attracting numerous tourists to the eco-park area created near Orlivka village in the wetlands of Kartal lake. The park is hosting sightseeing tours, tourist visitations and local activities such as buffalo milk products degustation (note that it is from Buffalo milk a famous Italian mozzarella is made).

Ukrainian city Cherkasy is the administrative center of Cherkasy oblast`. This beautiful city is located on the right bank of Kremenchug water storage, built in the middle course of Dnipro River. Cherkasy is an important industrial, cultural and educational center with interesting history. The city played a significant role in the formation of Ukrainian Cossacks army. Let us consider the most interesting sights and attractions of Cherkasy.

Many coffee fans know that their favorite drink came to Europe from the East. But not all of them are familiar with the fact that it has been Yuriy Kulchitskiy, a Ukrainian Cossack, who taught Europeans to drink coffee. Kulchitskiy established coffee tradition in Vienna more than three centuries ago. First, Vienna dwellers showed skeptical attitude to authentic Turkish drink, especially considering long-lasting war with Turkey. 

Planning a holiday trip that will please everyone in the family might seem quite challenging, but choosing the right destination is the key. «Destinations» gathered together the most interesting places in Ukraine to visit with children. Not only are these attractions fun and educational, they're especially magical through the eyes of a child.

What's better than heading to your favorite bar, grabbing an ice-cold pint of beer or glass of wine and enjoying a relaxing summer afternoon? Doing all that with a view, of course. And when it comes to scenic sights, there's one standout: the water. Nothing beats feasting your eyes on glistening waves calmly beating against the shore — and that's a fact.

Summer in Lviv is a happy affair. The city hosts numerous festivals and art events as well as offers an impressive variety of fun and exciting activities to try out during the season. In case you decide to visit Lviv this summer, your trip will be anything but boring.

Ukrainian wedding, being one of the most wonderful events in the country`s culture, is usually held according to special authentic traditions. There are numerous wedding ceremonies and rituals in Ukraine. In old times, a wedding celebration could last for the whole week. The most important and serious rituals include betrothal, blessing, matrimony and other, but there are also many joyful, funny and amusing traditions which are used to entertain the newly-weds and the guests. 

The hot summer season brought really hot days, so it is time to look for a swimsuit and sunglasses. These are Ukrainian beaches, which are the famous locations for swimming, relaxation and sunbathing in Kyiv and Odesa.

The capital of Ukraine has it all when it comes to ultimate summer fun, you just have to know where to look. With mighty Dnipro river, bright sunshine, soft sand and beautiful nature around — beaches near Kyiv have earned a good reputation with locals and tourists alike.

For train-lovers and height-haters here’s a piece of good news – some new travel destinations in Europe can be reached by train. Not hot summer sun but opening of the borders to European countries stroke Ukrainian people. In light of this Ukrainian Railways Ukrzaliznytsia decided to launch some new railway destinations 2017 from Kyiv to Europe.

Aside from personal cars, trains and airplanes, many people also choose buses for travelling. In Ukraine, there are many travel suppliers offering bus trips of different costs and comfort levels. Travelling by bus is very popular in the whole country, and usually it is no problem to find a bus, which will take you to any Ukrainian big city or small town. Let us consider some of the most popular domestic bus routes of Ukraine, which start in Ukrainian capital.

Summer is the right time to escape from noisy city and to have a relaxing day in nature. Breathing fresh forest air, sunbathing, diving into clean river or swimming pool… What can be better? Let us consider some good water resorts near Kyiv, where guests can spend the best holidays.

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