Recently the Kyiv City State Administration has concluded a list of the most popular tourist hotels in Kyiv. Mostly located in the downtown, these hotels offer prime service to ensure the best experience for city guests. All of them are traditionally equipped with high-speed Wi-Fi and have more intriguing features like in-door pools and luxurious restaurants with panoramic windows.

Despite the common misconception, Odesa has much more to offer than simply beaches and BBQ. The city is promptly developing and hosts events of international scale like Odesa International Film Festival and music concerts with top-chart stars like Hurts. July 2018 promises to be hot and filled with the sounds of live music.

As Ukraine and Poland are neighbors, these two countries are bound by numerous cultural, business and family connections. Many Polish citizens have to travel from Poland to Ukraine quite often, and those who are going to do it for the first time often have many questions. Do I need a visa to travel to Ukraine from Poland? What is the most comfortable and the cheapest way to reach Ukraine? All the answers below.

The close proximity and easy access to the Dnipro River are without doubts the main reasons why beaches of Kyiv are so often filled to the brim. Luckily, the city has more to offer than beaches with just a deck chair rental. One of the most-sought options are beaches with swimming pools popular with families and large companies — sure enough, Kyiv has plenty of those as well.

Dreaming to join a real garage party in Kyiv? There is a hidden point in historical Podil district where your dreams come true. Even the most knowledgeable Kyiv dwellers often do not know about this secret spot – only the chosen ones know the way here. In the last few years, this abandoned street with old garages, overgrown by thick greenery, has become one of the main centers of Kyiv underground.

Summer sunbeams in the city make us dream about diving in refreshing cool waters. Fortunately, Ukrainian capital, located on the banks of wide Dnipro River, offers numerous places to do that. However, not all the lakes and riversides of Kyiv are good choice for a beach day: in 2018, some of them were reported as non-compliant to sanitation and hygiene standards. Let`s see which beaches of Kyiv we’d better avoid this summer.

Being a fast-evolving country, Ukraine changes in many spheres, including, of course, transport sector. The new railway routes pop up each month, connecting the most distant parts of the state and opening comfortable ways abroad. Let`s check out the latest Ukrainian railway news of July 2018.

The second month of summer has just begun but is quite bountiful: numerous airlines announced new flights from Ukraine to different parts of the world from Western Europe and Asia to the exotic Caribbean. Let’s check it out.

Shatsky lakes, the amazingly beautiful Ukrainian resort in Volhynia, attracts numerous tourists who wish to enjoy clean nature, fresh air, beach activities and fishing. This lake group consists of 24 lakes, including Picsochne, Pulemetske and Sviatyaz`, the latter of which is the largest lake of the country. The area around Shatsky lakes offers numerous accomodation options: recreational complexes, hotels, cottages and so on. Let`s check out which of them are the right choice to stay in.

Yaroslaviv Val street in Kyiv goes up from the famous Golden Gate, taking us back in history – right to the XIX century, when the street was founded. The street charms tourists and locals by numerous historical landmarks, architectural sights and mystic places that tell interesting stories and allow feeling the old and wise soul of Ukrainian capital.

For many years Lviv has kept the strong position as one of the most tourist-visited cities in Ukraine. It’s not hard to see why the City of Lions attracts Ukrainians and guests from abroad — exquisite architecture, delicious Galician cuisine and unforgettable unique vibe are merely three of many more factors. Destinations has made a comprehensive guide on things to do in Lviv to have the best traveling experience of 2018.

In the recent years, Kherson alongside with Odesa has become a frequently visited tourist location. However, there's one more spot near the Black Sea that waits to be explored. An often spot of archeological expeditions, Olbia Historical Reserve shows Ukrainian sightseeing from a new angle - after all, the settlement has been one of the most important merchant points of Ancient Greece. Nowadays the unique reserve opens a veil on livelihood and megapolis laws of 6 B.C.

In 2018 Ukraine celebrates the Constitution Day on Thursday and according to the government decision dwellers enjoy four consecutive days off — June 28, 29, 30 and July 1. The long weekend is a perfect occasion to get away from the city bustle and enjoy quality time with friends or family near the Black Sea. Luckily, Odesa has plenty of events and secret sightseeing spots to explore this summer.

New to Kiev and want to learn more about this wonderful place? Some prefer to discover city on their own, walking around the streets with a map. Of course, it can be much fun, but what to do if you do not have enough time to explore everything by yourself? In this case, you can always choose a guided bus excursion that will allow you to see all the important landmarks of Kiev during few hours. Let`s check out the most popular routes of Kiev sightseeing tours.

One of the battles that changed the course of history happened 300 years ago. It was the Battle of Poltava. Remembered by Russians with great respect, and not forgotten by Swedes, this battle naturally is renown in Ukraine as well — after all, the famous Cossack Hetmanate also took part in it. Let’s see what caused one of the decisive turns of the Great Northern War and how it went.

Danube biosphere reserve is surely in the top list of all natural wonders in Odesa oblast` of Ukraine. This unique ecosystem in the delta of Danube River impresses with breathtaking beauty of virgin nature and wide variety of wildlife. To preserve wild animals and rare plants, biosphere reserves were established in Romanian and Ukrainian parts of Danube delta. The reserves are united into one big bilateral biosphere reserve, certified by UNESCO. Let`s learn more about miracles of Danube reserve in Ukraine.

Situated in central Ukraine, Poltava Region is often referred to as a place where Ukrainian language was born. This is also a place where very interesting and peculiar landmark, the Ukrainian Pyramid, is situated.

In summertime, we often feel an urgent need to dive into refreshing water to save ourselves from the hot sunbeams. To rephrase the well-known quote of the Beatles – beach is all we need! But what to do if you are in the city with no seacoast or riverside – for example, in charming Lviv? Obviously, going to a swimming pool is the answer. Let`s see which outdoor swimming pools are available in the Western heart of Ukraine.

An old concept of “pay it forward” has been described as much as a century ago but nowadays it’s relevant as ever. More and more fashion brands choose to ban fur, global initiatives advocate for cutting down on plastic and ordinary people from all over the world organize charity funds. Thanks to the Internet, helping various groups and donating can be done with just a couple clicks. This is also true for Ukrainian charity funds and organizations that help children, homeless animals and welcome volunteering.

Exploring a new city is always a pleasure and an adventure. Of course, it can be much fun just to stroll along the streets without any particular plan. However, learning some tips about must-see and must-do things in a new place will make your adventure way more exciting! We prepared the list of top 10 things to do in Kiev in summer 2018 to help you get the brightest impressions about Ukrainian capital.

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