We all love unusual gifts and it's a brilliant feeling, when you unwrap the box and it turns out to be something quirky, weird and wonderful. These days a couple of local companies started to offer unordinary and  distinctive gifts that are without any doubt  going to leave a mark on the memory of your special ones.

Recently awarded as best eco-friendly hotel of Ukraine and the hotel with the best marketing campaign of 2016 by National Ukrainian Hospitality Award, Taor Hotel in Lviv region invites its guests to enjoy beautiful nature of western Ukraine, modern spa complex and comfortable eco-friendly accommodation.

New modern bus station terminal was recently opened on 1-L highway in Kyiv. The station is named «Teremki» as it is located close to the Teremki subway station.

Kyiv is a dynamic and modern megapolis. Big cities are crowded, competitive and challenging. People here lead busy lives and are always in a rush. For those who have recently moved to the new city or came for a short visit, finding a place to meet new people, socialize and network might be rather challenging. Our web tries to round up best places in Kyiv for meeting and greeting interesting international crowd to spend some quality time with.

At the end of last year, just before winter holidays season, Kyiv city administration launched a number of night public transport routes. This novelty became a welcome addition to the public transport system of Ukrainian capital, enabling locals and tourists to reach their destination any time of the day.

Sometimes it can be hard to tell what items on your packing list will actually be helpful once you’re on your trip and which things you’ll wish you left at home. Of course, it always depends on your destination, climate, planned activities and so on, however, there is always a list of things that would be useful no matter where you are traveling.

One of the most recognizable buildings in Ukraine, Lviv Opera house is also among most beautiful European theatres. Named after world famous opera singer Solomiya Krushelnytska, who was born and raised in Lviv, the Opera House comprises various European architectural styles fashioned in all their lavishness.

Grab your active leisure gear, your sense of adventure, your passion for the outdoors, and plan an exciting weekend in Lviv. If you prefer to get your adrenaline going on the move, take a look at these fun ideas «Destinations» rounded up for your ultimate active leisure in Lviv.

«Destinations» rounds up a list of useful tips and information on how to travel by train in Ukraine. Trains are no doubt the most popular mode of transportation for tourists and locals in Ukraine.

Save money for seeing the sights or enjoying a good dinner with a stay at one of the best hostels in Kyiv. Tripadvisor, global travel resource, names the best Kyiv hostels according to its readers’ reviews.

Take a relaxing short break or book a fun weekend getaway to unwind and enjoy yourself! Lviv region offers many options for fun and exciting short trips. Castles, artisan farms, extreme sports, spa pampering - the choice is yours! «Destinations» rounds up most popular options for holiday getaways from Lviv.

Kyiv, being centrally located and enjoying the developed transport infrastructure, offers what seems like an endless list of options for holiday getaways and out-of-town short trips. «Destinations» rounds up the most popular options for fun and exciting tours to take from Kyiv.

These days Christmas trees in major cities around the world became the fantastic displays of creativity, featuring thousands of electric lights, whimsical decorations and interactive play of colors and textures. «Destinations» rounds up some of 2016’s most over-the-top Christmas trees around the world.

Named as the best ethno hotel of Ukraine in 2016 by Ukrainian Hospitality Awards, Stara Pravda Hotel in the Carpathians awes its numerous guests with traditional interior design and breathtaking vistas over the mountains.

Klavdievo Christmas decorations factory follows the traditions of manufacturing glass Christmas tree decorations for many decades. Founded in 1948, a small factory processed glass for medical purposes. Later, it turned into the largest manufacturer of Christmas products in Eastern Europe.

Unusual tours became very popular among Ukrainians and tourists visiting the country. To experience something new and create unique memories, local agencies offer a great variety of unusual tours and excursions. Among the most popular in Kyiv are the so called shooting or military tours.

Fast train «Intercity +» from Kyiv to Lviv will change its final destination to Polish border town of Przemyśl (Poland). This was recently announced by «Ukrzaliznytsya» (National Railway Company) CEO Voitseh Balchun.

From pre-Christian times, the holiday of Christmas celebrated on the winter solstice was the one that linked the visible and invisible world and opened windows into dimensions – those inhabited by spirits and ancestors of the family. 

No doubt, Kyiv is a really romantic city. With its green parks, shady alleys, the Dnipro River and cozy cafes Kyiv is the best place for a date with a girl. We picked for you the best romantic places in the city.

Photo: International Hospitality Awards web page
The first International Hospitality Awards was held by HOTELIERO Club on December 5th, 2016 at InterContinental Kyiv Hotel.  HOTELIERO Club have been organizing Ukrainian Hospitality Awards since 2011. 

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