Finally, warm days are in Kiev, and all dwellers and guests of the city impatiently wait for the weekends and holidays to have some fun outdoors. Fortunately, Ukrainian capital offers numerous interesting activities for the spring and summer season: festivals, concerts, parties, museums, galleries and so on. Moreover, some of the interesting places in Kiev are available for visiting completely free of charge!  Let`s check out where we can get the brightest impressions in Kiev for free.

While it may appear that the upcoming May holidays are the perfect occasion to sleep the days away, the blooming nature and great weather forecast make it difficult to resist the temptation to get away from the busy city. Luckily, that’s when bikes tucked away after the prolonged winter come to good use — check out a top-7 of getaway spots for riding a bike near Kyiv.

During last few years, Ukraine is attracting more and more attention as a place to visit for touristic and business purposes. However, many travelers from all over the world are still not familiar with the specifics of journeys to this Eastern European country. How to get to Ukraine? Do I need a visa? Is it safe to go there? What are the prices for accommodation? You will find answers to these and many other questions in our guide about travelling to Ukraine below.

Take in panoramic views of the Carpathian Mountains, Black Sea and beautiful cities from your room in these hotels with the best views in Ukraine.  For an ultimate romantic experience, get yourself booked into one of these places where you'll find comfy rooms, nice service and a selection of good restaurants, not to mention a front-row seat to the most beautiful skylines in Ukraine.

The great May holidays are almost here, and it’s especially felt in the upcoming weekend in Kyiv. On April 28-29, expect sunny weather as well as numerous events for foodies like a new Gastro Prichal festival and multiple open-air exhibitions about Ukrainian culture and transport.

Summer is the right time for many exciting outdoor activities such as doing sports or laying on a beach, and fishing is undoubtedly one more great thing to do. Fishing is a special hobby – it brings relaxation, but also requires concentration and attention at the same time. Lots of people really enjoy the whole process of fishing, which starts with searching for a good silent place and usually ends with getting home with a rich haul of fresh fish. Let`s take a look at the list of good fishing clubs near Kyiv.

Whether a romantic date for two or a loud family gathering, picnics have long become a popular way of get-togethers. The phenomenon appeared in the 18th century, and its culture promptly reached Kyiv as well. Centuries later, locals and tourists still love the idea. Let’s have a look at the best places in Kyiv to have a quiet picnic with any company.

A trip from Lviv to Bukovel` is already a pleasure in itself. It is so enjoyable to ride a car passing the beautiful landscapes of Western Ukraine, to go through big cities, small town and villages, observing their regular life. However, a journey can get even more exciting when you know which worthy landmarks you can visit on the way. Let`s learn about the most interesting places on the route from Lviv to Bukovel`.

May, with its beautiful blooming trees and flowers, warm air and shining sunbeams, is just around the corner. For those who live in Ukraine, the coming of May is a special gift: in 2018, this month includes three additional holidays on 1st, 9th and 28th.  Considering this, many of us are already planning their weekends, wishing to have as much fun and bright impressions as possible. Let us help you by offering some wonderful destinations in Ukraine to visit this May.

The concept of marriage often is considered to belong to the most sacred things in humanity, along with the first religious experience and birth of the new life. Needless to say, every culture has accumulated a set of rules and customs to initiate the start of couple's life as one whole. Let's look at the traditional wedding in Ukraine, which unravels many cultural layers and secrets.

This spring is eventful for all spheres of our life, and air travels are not an exception. In April 2018, Ukrainian mass media delights with announcements about the new flights of the famous companies such as WizzAir and Ryanair, building of a new big airport in Ukraine and negotiations with international lowcosters. Let`s consider these exciting news in more detail.

Ukraine has invited representatives of different nationalities to take part in our project on happiness. Accomplished personalities, both loving and loved, share the same basic humane values all over the world.

This year, Ukrainian capital will host big important sport events such as UEFA Championship and World Boxing Council congress. Kyiv administration takes this challenge seriously and has already started to prepare the city for the upcoming inrush of tourists. In spring 2018, several renovated touristic sights will be opened in Kyiv, making city more attractive for foreign guests. This information has been recently announced by the city state administration media office and personally by the mayor of Kyiv Vitaliy Klychko.

The end of April is almost here, and weekend calls for adventures. After all, we did spend the whole winter tucked away in cozy apartments in front of laptops watching Netflix. It’s high time to explore what Kyiv has in store. To give a hint, numerous concerts of hip-hop and orchestras, festivals and jazz music with cocktails are awaiting.

A quick-fire quiz of successful foreigners in Ukraine. Hopefully, their answers will inspire and help entrepreneurs from abroad to set up business in our country.

The sole beginning of 2018 was met with wonderful news: more international destinations accessible by train, additional trains on holidays and user-friendly ticket booking system. This month, Ukrainian Railways added one more out-of-Ukraine destination that can be accessed by train. Let’s have a look!

Last year Boryspil airport received European recognition, having been ranked third by Airport Council International (ACI) Europe. The commercial director of Boryspil International Airport, Georgiy Zubko, told Destinations.Ukraine about the company's achievements and plans for the future.

Is it safe to travel to Ukraine? Those who are going to visit Ukraine for the first time always have numerous questions about safety in the country. It is no surprise: judging from the world mass media, Ukraine has quite an ambiguous image. On the one hand, it looks as a fast-evolving country with friendly people and beautiful nature, regularly hosting important events; but on the other hand, it may seem a corrupted country with significant crime rate and a war conflict in the East. Let`s distinguish truth and fiction about travelling to Ukraine.

In Lviv, exciting stories and fairytales are in the air. This atmospheric city has so many legends that it seems that even not every local would be able to tell them all. Lviv has legends of different genres: funny, sad, romantic, historical… And, of course, scary and mysterious stories hold a special place in this list. Beautiful buildings and narrow streets of Lviv are well-known not only for great architecture and unusual spirit, but also for old stories about witches, ghosts and black magic.

On April 4, 2018, a new service of online visa processing was launched in Ukraine. The new useful option will be available for citizens of 46 countries. This information was announced on the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. Pavlo Klimkin, the Head of the Ministry, has recently written in his Twitter that the innovation are going to make Ukraine closer to the world.

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