Well-known sightseeing attractions in Kyiv and Lviv gather attention of millions tourists every year. However, not many dig deep enough to find out about a place that draws the curtain of the Space Race era in Ukraine. Serhiy Pavlovych Korolyov Museum of Cosmonautics located in Zhytomyr welcomes all space enthusiasts to explore its numerous artefacts, some of which have been to space and back again. Mission control, we're a GO!

2018 has only just begun, yet regularly graces travelers with wonderful news: Ryanair finally comes to Ukraine (this time for real), regular and low-cost airlines add flights from various Ukrainian cities, and Boryspil now will be accessible with a train. Destinations gathered a digest of March news for avid travelers.

Often called a real Tony Stark of the 21-st century, Elon Musk started his way with a popular PayPal service and nowadays regularly astonishes people with popularizing electrocars and even launching them into space. One of his latest highly-advanced transportation projects, Hyperloop, may appear in Ukraine.

Latest years full of various reforms, startup ideas and public initiatives made Kyiv change in various aspects. Luckily, all this has started a snowball process of changing the capital for better: appearance of new public spaces, redesign of theaters, approval of the new transport ticket system, as well as numerous murals and art-objects certainly makes city more convenient and beautiful. Let's check out new startup services that may appear along with the existing ones.

Placed on pedestals, bas-reliefs, balconies, front and back entrances, door handles and even weathervane, countless lions are gazing on the passers-by of Lviv. It is no wonder that Lviv is often called the City of Lions — it is safe to say that no matter where you go, silent and graceful guards will find a way to catch your eye. So, where exactly do you need to go? Destinations picked the most famous and lesser known locations for those who search for the Lviv lions.

The 1986 catastrophe in Ukrainian town Chernobyl, when the 4th energy block of Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station exploded, shocked the whole world. After this tragic event had taken place, the radiation-induced area in Pripyat` became a closed zone for many years. In the course of time, radiation level around the reactor significantly decreased, and it was decided to open the Exclusion Zone for guided excursions. 

Since the implementation of visa-free regime with the countries of the European Union, Ukraine has promptly become a new business dot on the map for low-cost airlines. Those living in Ukraine joyfully read about new flights from different cities being added nearly every months. However, one controversial situation stayed still — what about Ryanair? Well, this fall the situation will finally see its justice.

It often happens so that our wishes seem so close, but we are simply lazy to work towards the goal — instead we abandon it altogether. Trips is one of those situations: researching, planning out, calculating the budget might spoil the sweetness of the word 'travel'. Nevertheless, it's a needed part to be done for the best experience possible. To make it a bit easier, Destinations gathered a guide on how to travel to Ukraine.

The Soviet era has come to an end almost 30 years ago, but memories about it are still alive in the mind of many people. Nowadays, our life differs from Soviet time in thousands ways, and today we can have many things which were completely unattainable for the dwellers of Soviet Union. Personal cars and apartments, American jeans and trips abroad… Let`s look into the past and find out which regular things from modern everyday life Soviet people could only dream about.

A trip from Australia to Ukraine is a real adventure – actually, it means crossing the whole globe! Travelers may feel both excited and nervous before such a long journey, but in any case they wonder: “What do I need to travel to Ukraine from Australia and how do I find all the necessary information?” We decided to ease the task for Australian travelers, giving all the answers to these questions in our article below.

If you have already explored Lviv with its amazing architecture and authentic spirit, it is the right time to expand the horizons! There are plenty of interesting places located not far from Lviv that are totally worth paying a visit. Impressive old Renaissance castles, a perfectly-shaped town and even a sheep farm – vicinage of Lviv offers something attractive and exciting for everyone`s taste.

Different travelers prefer different types of accommodation. While some value luxury hotels and privacy, others are open to experience sharing their room with other adventure-lovers, enjoying the opportunity to meet new people and to explore new place and culture together. The latter would definitely choose a good hostel, taking all benefits from reasonable prices and chances for making new friends. Well-known TripAdvisor platform gives its advice on the best hostels for those who are going to discover Kyiv.

The heart of Western Ukraine is blossoming each year. While locals make sure to install new art-objects, open new cozy cafes and draw even more beautiful murals, at the same time historical value, architecture and the spirit of the city are carefully preserved. This year, among other things, Lviv will add new tourist routes — let's see where they take us!

Travelling by train is one of the easiest and the most comfortable ways to explore Ukraine. Train connections unite all corners of the country, from the smallest towns and villages to the biggest cities like Kyiv, Odesa and Lviv.  Of course, travelers who are new to Ukraine have numerous questions about Ukrainian trains. How to book train tickets in Ukraine? Which type of tickets to choose? Which kinds of trains and types of carriages exist in Ukraine? In our article, we give the answers to the most important questions about travelling by train in Ukraine.

One of the most well-known holidays in winter, the 14th of February gathers controversial opinions no matter the country. Some believe it is indeed the most romantic day of the year and wish to celebrate it with their beloved ones, others are sure it's a commercial holiday meant to skyrocket the sales. Whatever the truth is, Valentine's Day stays a major event on the map. Let's see about it in Ukraine.

The big Love Day is coming, and many of us are busy preparing presents for those whom we love. Some prefer to choose traditional gifts such as jewelry, teddy bears, gadgets or perfumes, while others wish to surprise their loved ones with something a bit more unique and creative. What to choose if you are looking for an unusual Valentine`s day present? Check out our list of outstanding gift ideas to make the Valentine`s day 2018 joyful and unforgettable.

The oldest subway line was opened in 1863 in London. Almost a hundred years later, in 1960, Kyiv had a grand opening of the first subway line in the city. Many things have changed ever since, including such modernities as introduction of free Wi-Fi and PayPass. Curiously, some things about Kyiv subway stay hidden. Let's have a look!

Once a person starts preparation for the trip, countless pieces of information and advice flow into his mind, whether from the Facebook feed, travel forum or friend's messages. While those are without doubt useful in their own way, sometimes you need all the needed information gathered in one piece. That's why Destinations made a guide on travel requirements to travel to Ukraine from USA.

In 2018 Ukraine started to make its first serious steps in the field of ecology. New law on waste sorting, which came into force on January 1, 2018, has already reaped first fruits: bright modern containers for dangerous waste have been installed in two districts of Ukrainian capital. These containers are purposed for collecting old batteries, energy-saving lamps and mercury thermometers. Let`s see where we can get rid of dangerous waste in eco-friendly way.

When going to a foreign country, we are often worried or even scared to do something culturally embarrassing: some don't feel comfortable with hugs or kisses during meetings, some can't remember the numerous tableware, and others have trouble while tipping in restaurants. Destinations made up a simple guide to introduce readers to the etiquette in Ukraine.

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