When coming to Ukraine, foreigners usually want to learn local language, which will help them to communicate with new friends and business partners. Along with Ukrainian language, many people also would like to learn basics of Russian. Check out Ukrainian and Russian language courses in Kiev, where you can study new language from the beginner`s level or develop skills that you already have.

On September 30th, 2017 Kyiv dwellers will have a chance to take part in the very unusual city walking tour, the night tour. The route lies through the whole city and is over 10 km long.

Clipping the country's southwest corner, the Carpathian arc has endowed Ukraine with a crinkled region of forested hills and fast-flowing rivers that feel a continent away from the flatness of the steppe. This is the land of the Hutsuls, whose colourful folk culture is laced through thin villages stretching languidly along wide valley floors. These are the highest and most picturesque mountain peaks of Ukraine.

Ukraine has a lot to offer couples who are considering having their engagement or wedding celebrations here. «Destinations» rounds up some of the best locations around the country to hold that very special event. We’ll be covering hotels, churches, parks and pavilions to give you the greatest variety of beautiful locations for your dream wedding in Ukraine.

Autumn is undoubtedly the favorite season for all fans of picking mushrooms. This time, lovers of quiet hunt all are especially lucky, because these years` harvest of mushrooms seems to break all records. Check out locations not far from Kyiv, where you are guaranteed to gather a whole basket of delicious mushrooms.

For train enthusiasts and height-haters «Destinations» gathered together some up-to-date information on new international destinations that can be reached by train from now on. Ukrainian Railways Ukrzaliznytsia added quite a number of new trains that will connect major Ukrainian cities with key European cities.

Many travelers and even native Kyiv dwellers feel surprised when they hear that a large fortress is located in the very center of Ukrainian capital. However, it is true, and those who are interested can find this historical place, hidden in the labyrinth of Pechersk district streets. Kosoy Kaponir fortress, situated near Kyiv military hospital, impresses visitors with its significant size and spectacular views. Let us consider the history of this unique location.

When coming to a new country, is it very useful to know special features of its dwellers` character in advance. This knowledge will surely help to avoid confusing situations and to establish good relations with everyone. We all know that Italians are open and emotional, Norwegians are calm and strong-willed, Germans are practical and serious… And what about Ukrainians?

There’s no shortage of zoos in Ukraine, with plenty of opportunities to hang out with the animal kingdom. But which ones are the best? Many of Ukrainian zoological parks still have a long way to go in order to reach European standards; some of the facilities have already started that process. «Destinations» offers some handy information on the best zoos in Ukraine.

Lviv is a beautiful city and many brides and grooms come here from all over Ukraine as well as from abroad to have their weddings. Fall is a wedding season in Ukraine, so Lviv hosts numerous wedding celebrations. Organizing the wedding in Lviv can get quite challenging as it would require a lot of time and resources. «Destinations» rounds up some handy pieces of advice about how to plan your dream wedding in Lviv.

Language Program and Culture School in Lviv is the best opportunity to find out a lot about traditional and present-day life in Ukraine and to study Ukrainian language.

From imposing medieval forts, to beautiful manor houses, the rugged Ukrainian landscape is awash with beautiful castles. Scattered across picturesque countryside and rocky hills, Ukrainian castles comprise a small but important part of the vast historical heritage of the country. Here are the most beautiful ones.

When parents are busy with work or want to have some time for themselves, they usually start looking for a professional nanny with good reputation. Those families who live in Ukraine but do not speak local language have an additional requirement to a nanny – she must speak fluent English to communicate with kids. Let`s find out where to find English speaking babysitters in Kiev.

With the arrival of fall many international airlines announced about their new routes to and from Ukraine. «Destinations» gathered together the list of new destinations available from Boryspil and Zhylyany Kyiv International Airports.

In order to choose safe, comfortable and professional child development center for their child, parents have to be observant and ask plenty of questions. It is hard to know which child development center will take the best care of your child when you have to be elsewhere. «Destinations» found out about best centers for child development in Ivano Frankivsk.

When a traveler has already visited all famous touristic sights of Ukrainian capital, he/she will probably feel desire to explore less-known or even secret spots of charming Kyiv. Experienced travelers say that it is the best way to feel soul and specific character of the city. Trust us: Kyiv has numerous locations to surprise and captivate you. Let`s take a look at some of them.

Mongrel dog show on VDNH in Kyiv is an annual event that encourages adoption of mongrel dogs in the local community. The show is called «Barbos Cup». The Mongrel dog show aims at proving that owning a crossbreed or mongrel dog is something to be proud of and that such dogs are not inferior nor superior to pedigree dogs, but fun to own useful canines in their own right.

There is no need in keeping saying that Kyiv is a fascinating city. Walking around it always end up with whipping out a camera or a smart phone to capture yourself with beautiful architecture in the background. But in case your camera is full of pictures of common places, here is another “set of five” to be your next shooting sites.  

September is one of the best periods for travelling throughout Ukraine. The weather is still warm, but not too hot anymore; clear blue sky and millions of golden leaves make any beautiful location even more lovely. It is the right time to take a backpack, a photo camera and to go on a trip to some of the most amazing destinations in Ukraine.

Choosing a center for child development for your kid involves asking plenty of questions and being observant. It is hard to know which child development center will take the best care of your child when you have to be elsewhere. «Destinations» offers a list of best centers for Child Development in Lviv.

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