Odesa is often referred to as the southern pearl of Ukraine and has an impressive selection of various attractions. This city is a dynamic, energetic and somewhat decadent metropolis located on the coast of the Black Sea. «Destinations» narrows down the most popular must visit places in Odesa.

In the past few years writers have ventured to Kyiv and “discovered” hipster coffee bars and craft beer joints.  But let’s face it - while Kyiv’s scene is unique in its own right, if you want a real authentic Ukrainian experience you should get outside the city limits and see rural village life for a change.

Photo: George Plaschinsky
Ancestral castle, built by Nicholas Radziwill in 1558, is one of the first Ukrainian facilities of fortification destination square in terms. The castle is located in Olyka, the medieval town in Volyn region. Built in 17th century amidst the masonry of an older (1558) Lithuanian castle, the palace is a memento from the era when the whole town was owned by Radziwill famlily, the richest dynasty in Lithuania.

St. Nicholas Cathedral without any doubt is among the most beautiful architectural landmarks of Kyiv. This spectacular temple was built in the beginning of the 20th century in formalized Gothic style with two slender arrow-shaped towers adorned with elaborate stone carved details.

An interesting Anti-Cafes trend is emerging in major Ukrainian cities. At an Anti-Cafe you do not pay for the things you consume like drinks or snacks, but actually for the time you’ve spent there. Lviv seems to be at the forefront of the Anti-Cafe trend with new places that share this concept popping up almost every month. «Destinations» rounds up the most popular Anti Cafes to spend some quality time at in Lviv.

Kyiv, being a capital of Ukraine, offers an array of interesting and exciting places to see and to visit. In fact, even experienced travelers can get lost among all the possibilities of sightseeing, clubbing, cultural program and fine dining. This is, without any doubt, one of the oldest and most beautiful cities of the country.

Vinnytsia is a beautiful, charming town in the central part of Ukraine. Regional center combines all the advantages of a modern, fairly large city, but it has a certain atmosphere of the province. Most probably, thanks to this fact Vinnytsia was recognized one of the most comfortable towns for living in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Wedding is one of the most symbolic celebrations of Ukrainian culture. Centuries of Ukrainian culture bind various wedding traditions and rituals together evolving into complex and beautiful marriage ceremony. Today many Ukrainians choose to incorporate a variety of customs as well as delicious traditional foods into their celebration.

People working jobs that require creative thinking know how important the atmosphere at the work place is. In order to create something new and notable, one needs to be inspired and enjoy a comfortable atmosphere. Luckily Kyiv has recently joined the international trend of co-working and  creative-space places, where people come to work, create and sometimes simply procrastinate. «Destinations» rounds up the list go places located in Podil area, where one can both work and play hard.

Dog etiquette is important no matter where you live, but in urban areas it’s even more critical. City dog owners face a lot of challenges when going out with their pets which require a keen sense of their surroundings, other dogs and other people, at all times. We round up some useful information for all dog lovers who live in Kyiv.

Wedding is one of the most significant moments of life. But sometimes it is also one of the challenging events the couple should pass through. We hope that this article will help you to arrange this essential day in the best ever possible way in Kyiv.

There is a surprisingly big number of people, who consider V-Day is sooo not their scene. Despite your attitude towards this holiday, it could be just another chance to have fun even if you're single this year. «Destinations» narrows down some awesome alternative Valentine's Day ideas.

Lviv has a unique charm and atmosphere that attracts numerous travelers. Local coffee, pastries and beer became legendary among Ukrainian foodies. Lviv’s architecture, deprived of the Soviet features, which is the architectural core of other big Ukrainian cities, makes an amazing set for lovely photos and magical city views. Lviv has much to offer even to the most spoiled travelers. «Destinations» rounds up some interesting ideas on how to spend an exciting weekend in Lviv.

Due to unstable political and economic situation in Ukraine during the recent years the number of foreign guests and expats in Kyiv decreased. But still this city is attractive for some investors, international companies and foreign tourists. Very affordable cost of living in Kyiv and well-developed infrastructure make this city an attractive place of residence for foreigners.

Odesa became an ultimate Ukrainian destination for holidaymakers and regular party crowd with its sandy beaches, warm climate and dozens of interesting places to enjoy authentic atmosphere of this multicultural city. Many couples opt for Odesa as their travel destination looking for romantic dinner experiences, breathtaking sea vistas, all-night partying at numerous bars and clubs and some sightseeing during day time.

Lviv has become a tourist mecca of Ukraine in recent years. These days it’s a booming European city with vibrant business life. The fact that Lviv is growing and developing fast is no secret. Many people move to this Western Ukrainian city from all over Ukraine as well as from abroad. We narrowed downs some up-to-date facts and figures regarding the cost of living in Lviv.

Ukrainian Ministry of Justice launched 24-hour marriage registration service in major Ukrainian cities over 6 months ago. The Justice Minister of Ukraine admitted that the pilot speedy marriage centers have proven to be a success, and now this service will be spread all over Ukraine.

Discover the best things to see and to do in Odessa with kids. Whether you are looking for exciting adventures, free attractions for kids, places to go with kids or ideas for your day out in Odessa, family days out in this city are easy to plan with our top tips depending upon season.

Finding a decent 3-star hotel for a fair price might be a challenge in Kiev and in Ukraine in general. However, there is a perfect option in Kiev that fits these requirements – ibis Kiev City Center hotel.

Kharkiv is one of the biggest Eastern Ukrainian cities. This city has rich history and cultural heritage. It used to be the center of Ukrainian cultural life and home of prominent Ukrainian science and engineering schools. Sadly, Kharkiv suffered heavily during WW 2, so it has fairly little to show architecturally-wise. In our days it is a city of soviet monumentalism and rejuvenating Ukrainian traditions. «Destinations» rounds up best places to visit in Kharkiv.

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