Kyiv PASS card is a great opportunity for those who visit capital of Ukraine to experience the city treats while spending less money and discovering more interesting destinations.

Bulgakov`s house, which is also called “Turbiny`s House”, is one of the main sights of the famous Andriyivsky Descent in Kyiv. This is the only one museum in the world, dedicated to Mikhail Bulgakov, the author of the famous “The Master and Margarita” novel. The writer spent his young years in this house, living with his big family, and also worked there as a doctor. Let us consider some interesting facts about this house and the life of Mikhail Bulgakov.

Lutsk region takes tourism seriously. It provides visitors with the genuine Ukrainian experience: old castles, dreamy little towns, beautiful natural landmarks. The regional capital city Lutsk offers to explore its historic conservation area and castle. This small, slowly refurbishing enclave of cobbled streets is lined with architecture from centuries past, harking back to Lutsk's Lithuanian, Polish and Russian history.

Not only do traditions and rich culture make Ukraine famous around the world, but significant breakthroughs here also deliver benefits to the country's image. The list of scientific developments in Ukraine is constantly refilling with new striking achievements and they are truly worth mentioning.

Kyiv is a truly magnificent city, impressing its dwellers and guests with fascinating architecture, unique monuments and fountains, beautiful nature in numerous parks and many other attractions. There are famous touristic sights such as Khreschatyk street or Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, but Ukrainian capital is also full of less-known places of interest, which create special spirit and cozy atmosphere of the city. Check out some secret places of Kyiv that you undoubtedly would like to see.

At particular times of life, each of us needs help and advice of a professional lawyer. We can face an issue with starting our own business, moving to other country, buying property and numerous other cases. The task of finding an appropriate lawyer gets more difficult while staying in another country with no knowledge of local language. However, many Ukrainian law firms keep up to the highest modern standards and offer all their services in English. Let`s find out where to find the best English speaking lawyers in Kiev.

It is believed that the best artisan chocolate in Ukraine comes from Lviv. Lviv Chocolate Workshop (locally known as «Lvivska Maysternya Shokolady» or Lviv handmade chocolate shop) is a brain-child of iFest holding that is also behind Lviv’s most famous gastro-destinations such as Kryyivka (WW2-themed Ukrainian Patriotic Restaurant), Lviv Coffee Mine (Lvivska Kopal’nya Kavy) and House of Legends (Dim Legend). The place offers great variety of handmade chocolate sweets and massive chocolate bars sold by kilo that make people wait in lines to get their hands on.

Aktove canyon is one of the most unique and beautiful places in Ukraine. It starts near Petropavlovka village and extends along twisting channel of Mertvovod River on the territory of Voznesensk region in Mykolayiv oblast. This natural phenomenon, which has no analogues in Europe, is similar to the famous North America canyons by its geological characteristics and landscapes. Aktove canyon impresses tourists with breathtaking views. At sunrises, the canyon rocks` color turns to peach pink, which can serve as an explanation of Aktove canyon`s second name – “The Devil`s Valley”.

Ternopil is one of the largest cities of Western Ukraine. This is a cozy, incredibly green city with a laid-back, relaxed and almost European feel. Ternopil region has a bright history and a plethora of interesting natural, historical and architectural sights, which makes it rather popular travel destination of Western Ukraine.

Richard the Lionheart`s Castle is a poetized name of building No 15 on the famous Andriyivsky Descent in Kyiv. This architectural monument of XIX century, designed according to British gothic style, is one of the most romantic, beautiful and mysterious buildings of Ukrainian capital. Richard the Lionheart`s Castle is steeped with many mystic stories and legends.

The current era of business is not the one of large corporate monopolies but startups innovating for the better of society. It's well-known that three out of four startups fail, but there are also those that change the way ordinary people go about their daily lives. Startups are taking over and these five unhackneyed Ukrainian startups really stand out.

Lakes showcase some of water's most alluring qualities, from mesmerizing ripples and mirror-like reflections to crystalline clarity.  Ukraine has hundreds of them, from tiny grass-lined ponds to massive freshwater expanses. However, some lakes simply stand out more than others.

The glorious religious architecture dominates the skyline of modern Lviv. Being a multicultural city with over 700-year history, Lviv boasts a great number of religious buildings which are considered the masterpieces of the architectural craft. Armenian Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin is without any doubt one of the most interesting among all the sacral buildings in the city.

Lviv gets exceptionally busy in summer. The city  hosts numerous festivals and art events as well as offers an impressive variety of fun and exciting activities to try out during the season. However, in case you want to take a break from all the hustle that fills the downtown  and enjoy a short pleasant trip outside the city, «Destinations» gathered together the list of beautiful places around Lviv for the best weekend.

With its numerous green parks, beautiful fountains, fascinating sculptures and cozy streets, Kiev is a perfect place for loving couples. This amazing city offers plenty of romantic places for any taste. Let us find out where to go in order to find the best dating spots in Kiev.

Lively Kiev attracts all kinds of travelers. Those who start discovering Ukraine from its capital or just decided to step by should check out the top 3 hostels in Kiev center that will make the stay in the Ukrainian capital bright and fun!

Kyiv being the capital of Ukraine and the business center of the country houses many business communities. These communities provide thorough support for entrepreneurs to form a solid base for businesses and their successful development. Let us take a closer look at the list of the most popular business communities in Kyiv.

August is the hottest summer month and also the peak of the summer vacations season in Ukraine. The list of travel options to choose from during this month seems almost endless. «Destinations» gathered together some of the most exciting travel destinations in Ukraine to visit in August.

In summertime, lots of people prefer calm relaxation on a beach in a chaise lounge with a cocktail. But there are also many lovers of active water amusements, who like beach sport games and enjoy riding on waterslides. Destinations rounds up some places with the best water activities in Kyiv.

Lviv is home to some of Ukraine’s most beautiful structures. Some are old, some are incredibly old and some are ultra modern. Lviv’s architecture is full of strange, weird, cool and wonderful buildings, which you can discover in our article.

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