Depositphotos photobank named top 10 Ukranian locations photos of which were downloaded most often during last year. These are most popular Ukrainian destinations with urban vistas, breathtaking views of the mountains and architectural landmarks.

As snow is finally melting, weekends don’t seem dreadful anymore — at last, there’s no need to spend the whole day lying on the couch, wrapped in a blanket like a human burrito. This April is a cue to discover and rediscover sightseeing spots near Kyiv — we picked the best famous and secret ones for a good weekend.

One of the most-visited landmarks in Ukraine, Sofiyivsky Park isn't merely just a beautiful and peaceful place, which boasts of abundant greens and incredible architecture. History of the park is just as intriguing – after all, the park appeared due to a passionate romance between Сount Potocki and Sofia Potocka. Let's find out more about its past and what you can see there nowadays.

Sometimes the enthusiasm of the upcoming trip can be dissolved by the sole fact that you need to gather a ton of information, and then decide whether it’s actually useful or not. When it comes to Ukraine, some sites providing crucial tips are available only in Ukrainian or Russian, preventing from being carefully and fully prepared. Destinations gathered the essential information and tips in a guide on travel requirements to get to Ukraine from Canada.

Most printed Ukraine travel guides are usually focused on the largest cities: Kyiv as the necessary capital, Lviv as the heart of Western Ukraine, Odesa as city by the Black Sea. Often, tourists simply visit everything located just near those three, omitting the wonders that wait to be discovered. Destinations gathered top-10 unique Ukrainian villages to visit for best impressions.

A 5-star hotel is not just a comfortable place to stay in – it is a place where you are supposed to be surrounded by luxury and gorgeousness. According to international classification, 5-star hotels provide the best accommodation in the heart of city and high-class services such as SPA centers, fitness clubs, concert halls, conference rooms, shops, high cuisine restaurants and many other. Let`s check out top 5-star hotels in Kiev where guests can experience the highest level of comfort.

For Ukraine, 2017 was graced with amazing news concerning a visa regime with the countries of European Union. Finally, Ukrainians may travel freely without the need to obtain a visa. For citizens of most countries in the world who want to travel in Ukraine, the same situation is true. Though, what about those who come for work or studies? Destinations answers how to get a visa to Ukraine in these cases.

Yaroslav the Wise, the famous and powerful king of Kyiv Rus`, had three daughters: Elizabeth, Anastacia and Anna. All three girls were destined to become the queens: they married kings and ascended to the thrones of different European countries. One of them was Anna Yaroslavna – beautiful and intelligent wife of French king Henry I, the queen of France, who has introduced many positive changes into the life and culture of French people.

In December 2017, Kyiv was processing unusual news: Kyiv Metro decided to sell two decommissioned cars on the Ukrainian auction ProZorro. While not many believed in the happy ending for this idea, the lot found its owner. Now, one of the former subway cars will become a hostel. Let’s see how it’ll look like, and find out the fate of the second car.

Snow has almost left the territory of Ukraine, and many brave souls warm themselves with dreams of Bounty-like paradise: beaches with crystal clear water, serenity, and well-deserved rest. Luckily, a popular travel service TripAdvisor is right on cue with their annual beach rating. Let’s check out their best picks.

The coming of spring is a pleasure for any dog as well as for its owner: it brings warm weather and so many opportunities for joyful walks outside. As for spring 2018 in Kyiv, it is going to delight dog fans and their lovely pets more than just with good weather and long strolls in green parks! What about a picnic, a rally or a dance together with your fluffy buddy? This spring all dogs and their owners are welcome to take part in exciting dog-friendly events in Kyiv.

New flights to and from Ukraine pop up almost every week since the grand announcement of Ryanair airlines finally officially entering Ukrainian market. Let’s check out which destinations are now in store, thanks to the low-cost airlines like Ryanair and WizzAir, and other exciting news concerning flights to/from Ukraine.

To many people Ukrainians are known for their immense love of freedom, and gentle love about their home. It is true considering not only abstract concepts, but also love between people — romance in Ukraine can be quite ardent due to the specifics of national character. Sure enough, ways to show affection differ from person to person, and from region to region, that’s why we gathered love quotes by famous Ukrainian people that might give a better understanding what it means to love (“кохати”).

Hurrem Sultan, also known under the name Roksolana, was the wife of famous Ottoman Emperor Suleiman the Magnificent. She became the first woman in the history of the East who shared the right of ruling the Empire with her husband. Roksolana, born in Ukraine in the beginning of the XVI century, was captured and conveyed to the harem of Suleiman at the age of 15. Unbelievably beautiful and smart girl quickly won heart of the great Sultan. Roksolana was not just the beloved favorite of the Emperor – that wise and well-educated woman was also an important person in the political life of the Empire and an introducer of numerous charity projects.

Ukraine has become home for many expats from different parts of the world: those who came here to start a business, transferred to international departments of their companies, or simply visited once and decided this country would be their future home. Naturally, such a large community can't exist without informal organizations, which allow expats to communicate, share experience, find business ties and new friends. To name but a few, Fryday, The Big Meet, and many others are popular in Ukraine. One of them is a big international community InterNations.

Traditionally, Radisson Blu Hotel, Kyiv, joins the EARTH HOUR activity. To attract attention to the saving of the Earth's resources, the hotel organizes an HOUR IN DARKNESS together with a special Museum in the dark "Three after midnight /03:00/".

Apart from magnificent architecture and charming atmosphere, Lviv is also famous for numerous city legends. Most of these stories are about love, and it`s not surprising: in the ХVI-XVII centuries Lviv was well-known as a city with girls so amazingly beautiful that men completely lost their heads. Maybe, each of these legends contains a grain of truth as well as a little flavor of fantasy that makes a story way more exciting.

The highest point in Ukraine, heart of the Carpathians, and simply a dream of many hikers, Hoverla Mountain has been standing proud for centuries. Its history is full of legends, and nowadays the nearby lying Vorokhta is one of the most popular resorts in Ukraine. What else is there to explore? Let’s find out.

Spring is slowly but surely creeping around the corner. While winter blues might have snatched away any motivation to move from the couch, it is better to think beforehand what you're going to do when the weather brightens up and nature bursts with colors. If all usual city attractions have been visited already, Odessa or Lviv are no more cities to discover, we offer this guide which helps to decide what to see in Ukraine in spring 2018.

This cemetery is a kind of Père Lachaise of Eastern Europe with the same sort of overgrown grounds and Gothic aura as the famous Parisian necropolis. Established in the late 18th century, it's the place of eternal rest for West Ukraine's prominent figures. Pride of place goes to the grave of the famous nationalist poet Ivan Franko, the patriotic singer-songwriter Volodymyr Ivasyuk and the most recent addition is the memorial to those who died during the Revolution of Dignity in 2013.

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