In September 2017 the Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky Center of the Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU) has opened its doors to visitors. This is one of the most ambitious and successful architectural projects in Ukraine. The construction started in 2015 and in record-breaking 2 years The Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky Center now is a world-class humanities library and also a modern educational center.

Ukraine is a wonderful country with the Black Sea and Carpathian Mountains, which provide you a lot of opportunities for outdoor activities and traveling all the year round. With the holiday season under way and Christmas and the New Year just around the corner, winter is the perfect time to discover new places and activities in Ukraine. Would you like to sip mulled wine at Lviv’s iconic Christmas market on Rynok Square or go to the mountains for spectacular winter scenery and skiing? Here are some ideas for best winter activities 2017-2018.

Few places have the dramatic potential and the magic of train stations: people meet and separate, tragic farewells next to happy reunions. No surprise then, that writers of all eras and cultures have discovered stations as dramatic stages of literary fiction. The Nuremberg photographer Christian Hoehn has taken on a journey to document the locations of these emotionally-literary artistic moments.

New national lowcost airline company SkyUp has recently announced its launch in April 2018. In the first working year, SkyUp plans to operate international charter flights as wells as to open some regular domestic and international routes.

Back in the days cathedrals, churches and other kinds of sacral architecture determined the face and the soul of the city. Lviv, being a multicultural city with over 700-year history, boasts a great number of religious buildings which are considered the masterpieces of the architectural craft. The glorious outline of Latin Cathedral dominates the skyline of modern Lviv.

In the period of Christmas and New Year, Kyiv becomes a real snowy fairy tale. Many holiday fairs, skating rinks, photo areas and other exciting entertainment locations show up in many places around the city. Let`s check out where in Ukrainian capital we can meet Santa Claus, see fascinating ice figures, buy the best gifts and do many other interesting things.

On December 10, 2017, new train schedule comes into effect on the territory of Ukraine, CIS, Baltic and EU countries. The new schedule ensures sufficient transport connection between Ukraine and European Union. Besides that, Ukrzaliznytsia (Ukrainian Railways) is going to launch more than 10 new domestic trains.

Traditional Ukrainian Christmas carols, usually called “kolyadky”, are an integral part of Christmas celebration on the whole territory of Ukraine. These merry songs are sung during the ritual action called “kolyaduvannya” that takes place on January 6 – the Christmas Eve. Let`s learn more about Ukrainian Christmas songs/lyrics and Christmas customs in Ukraine.

When is Ukrainian Christmas in 2018? As always, the most important Orthodox holiday will be celebrated in Ukraine on January 7. Christmas is the favorite event for many Ukrainians, who usually spend it in the family circle and with the loved ones in warm homely atmosphere. Like any other holiday, Christmas in Ukraine has its special traditions. Let`s learn more about Ukrainian Christmas customs and Christmas events that will take place in different cities of Ukraine in 2018.

Ukrzaliznytsia Ukrainian Railways added new international train routes to its schedule. New trains will connect major Ukrainian cities with Europe’s most popular travel destinations. Ukrzaliznytsia has also announced that soon it will be possible to book all international tickets on-line on their official web page

Besides being a large air transport hub, Boryspil is going to become a special place where loving hearts unite. Boryspil airport announces launching of new wedding service, and the first happy couple will register their marriage in the largest Ukrainian airport on December 15, 2017.

Thousands of travelers come to Lviv every year to celebrate winter holidays in authentic Ukrainian style. «Destinations» rounded up a list of special New Year and Christmas offers from the most popular Lviv Hotels.

For those who travel a lot, it is very important to have fast and convenient service that offers you the best recreation in short period of time. And if the hotel you stay in looks like cozy home it is an extra benefit.

Indposhiv Bespoke House offers men`s suits and accessories made by the standards of British Guild of Tailors. Recently opened Indposhiv Bespoke House in Kyiv unites men`s clothes workshop, three fitting rooms, showroom of high-quality fabrics, bar and sales outlet of Ukrainian designers.

At the beginning of the 20th century, kerosene lamp was a very common item in each and every household. Nowadays this fuel is still used in jet engines. But did you know that kerosene was actually invented in Lviv?

Ukrainians like to celebrate New Year’s Eve with friends and family. And in spite of freezing temperatures, they often toast the New Year outdoors, when the sky lights up by fireworks. We gathered together top 5 most popular destinations in Ukraine to celebrate New Year 2018.

Diana is a professional dancer with many years` experience of working abroad as a member of international dance teams. She is the owner of Selfbalance studio in Kyiv which is not just a great place to learn how to dance but to get a chance to build strong self-confidence, to work through hidden psychological issues and to express every beautiful and bright side of one`s personality. We’ve met with Diana to ask her about her perception of party life in Kyiv.

While the days become shorter and the temperature goes down, and the roofs of Kyiv get white with snow, we start to wait for the most magic time of the year – Christmas and New Year holidays. The best hotels of the main cities in Ukraine have prepared really special offers for the guests for the 2018 New Year Eve!

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In freezing days of autumn and winter, we still feel the need to live an active life and to go out for entertainment. Even if you are not a fan of doing winter sports or walking in the streets during rainy and snowy days, you can find plenty of good options for having a good time outside home. Let`s check out the best ways to have fun in cold season.

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