5 Castle Hotels in Ukraine

5 Castle Hotels in Ukraine

If we talk about castles we imagine old European ruins with a lot of touristic groups for excursions. But if you want to get into Middle Ages and to have rest in the comfortable hotel, you should visit one of the cozy castle hotels in Ukraine.

“Vezha Vedmezha” (Bear Tower) castle hotel

There is a real knight's castle far from civilization in the picturesque Carpathian Mountains. "Vezha Vedmezha" stylized fortress is built of oak and stone. It has original watchtowers, spacious yard and stylish pavement. There is a small lake and a clear mountain stream close this romantic castle. This cozy place is loved by a lot of tourists and it is a popular place for movie shootings.
Location: Volosyanka village, Skolevsky district, Lviv region
"Radomyshl Castle” hotel

This hotel is an integral part of the "Radomyshl" museum complex. The rooms are made in austere style of early modernism and somewhat reminiscent of monastic cells, but are decorated in warm, bright colors accentuated with brickwork elements. There is wooden and wicker furniture in the rooms that allows you to get into the epoch of 17-18th centuries.
Location: 15, Shchorsa street, Radomyshl, Zhitomyr highway
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"Roza Vetrov” (wind rose) Castle Hotel

This castle is a kind of phantasmagoria of marine ornaments and decor. This theme was chosen thanks to the hotel’s location at the Black sea side in Odessa. Modern and comfortable castle hotel offers the best rest in this sunny city.
Location: 10/13A, Pobratymiv str., Odessa.
“Venice Castle” hotel

Can it be that the Venetian castle is located on the sea shore in Ukraine? Why not! You can easily find it in Berdyansk, on the Dalnya marine streamer. You can live in one of the towers with amazing view at the Azov sea out of the windows.
Location: 119, Makarova str., Berdyansk.
"Lion's Castle" hotel
If stones could speak, they would have told guests of "Lion's Castle" a lot of amazing stories. These walls are one hundred years old! The hotel consists of two small historic buildings which are located in the heart of the ancient Lviv city. Interior of the building is modern and comfortable.
Location: 7, Hlinky str., Lviv.
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Don’t miss a chance to get into Middle Ages Epoch with modern comfort and visit one of the best castle hotels in Ukraine.

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