5 Fascinating Buildings of Lviv

5 Fascinating Buildings of Lviv

Lviv is home to some of Ukraine’s most beautiful structures. Some are old, some are incredibly old and some are ultra modern. Lviv’s architecture is full of strange, weird, cool and wonderful buildings, which you can discover in our article.

Opera House

One of the most recognizable buildings in Ukraine, Lviv Opera House is also among the most beautiful European theatres. Named after Solomiya Krushelnytska, the world famous opera singer, who was born and raised in Lviv, the Opera House comprises various European architectural styles fashioned in all their lavishness.

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House of Scientists, or Casino of Gerhard, is one of the Lviv most amazing and perfect architectural structures; it is recognized as a valuable neo-baroque monument. The construction was carried out by the famous Austrian company Fellner and Helmer, known for designing such famous buildings like Vienna Observatory and Odesa Opera in 1898.
This building housed casino and, according to locals, city’s most popular brothel, until 1939. It used to be the youth recruitment point for hard labor in Germany during the World War II and it became the House of Scientists only in 1948. Currently, building’s rich interiors, which haven’t changed over the last hundred years, frequently serve as setting for historical movies and private functions.


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St. George's Cathedral

St. George's Cathedral is a baroque-rococo cathedral located in the city of Lviv, the historic capital of western Ukraine. It was constructed between 1744-1760 on a hill overlooking the city. This is the third manifestation of a church to inhabit the site since the 13th century, and its prominence has repeatedly made it a target for invaders and vandals. The cathedral also holds a predominant position in Ukrainian religious and cultural terms.


Armenian Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin
Armenian Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin is without any doubt one of the most interesting among all the sacral buildings in the city. The structure that stands today blends a few architectural styles including Old Russian, Gothic and Armenian. The cathedral’s interior portrays an authentic image from the East: stylized Armenian sacrificial crosses carved in stone, called khachkars, which date back to the 14-15th centuries. In addition, the decorative ensemble includes unique frescos on window posts, fragments of the oldest monumental painting in Lviv, and Modernist mosaics and wall-paintings of the early 20th century. All these aspects create unique forms and coloration, rarely found anywhere else in the world.

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Yuseh Sosnivskyy Palace and St. Clemets Cathedral
This location could be very interesting for the tourists as here you can explore the impressive red-brick catholic church (St. Clement Cathedral) which is not often listed in the guidebooks and, right across the street, you will see another significant Lviv architectural sight - the house of Josef Sosnovskyy. This house is built in a lavish palace style and wows those who see it for the first time. Address: 50-52 Chuprynka street, Lviv.


The architecture of Lviv, almost not affected during the wars of the 20th century, reflects many European styles of different historical epochs. The historic center of Lviv with architectural monuments of the 14th-17th centuries is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. These 5 fascinating buildings in Lviv are claimed to be the most photographed structures in the city. Read: Destination Place. Dominican Church in Lviv

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