Andriyivsky Descent: Everything at One Place

Andriyivsky Descent: Everything at One Place

Andriyivsky Descent (Uzviz) is a popular touristic place in Kiev. It has a long history, beautiful architecture and spectacular views. Why is it so special though? Because there are lots of things to see, visit and do in just one street. 

Andriyivsky Uzviz offers Kiev guests everything at one single place. It is sometimes called the Ukrainian Arbat or Montmartre: it truly is a museum-street where almost each building has its own story.

St Andrew’s Church
This church, designed by the Italian architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli and constructed during 1747–1754, is considered to be one of the most beautiful Baroque buildings not only in Kiev but also in Europe. Wealthy exterior, which is so typical of this style, brightness, lightness make St Andrew's Church so beautiful and magnificent. Interesting fact: it is the only church in Kiev that has no bells.

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The house number 13 is the museum of Mikhail Bulgakov. The famous Russian writer lived here from 1906 till 1913. There is a monument to the writer, just near the Bulgakov Museum.
Another house-museum in Andriyivsky Uzviz (house number 21) is dedicated to Ivan Kavaleridze, famous and extremely talented Ukrainian sculptor, director and playwright.
At the bottom of the descent, there is a unique One Street Museum. Its exhibition is entirely dedicated to the history of Andriyivsky Descent.

There is a reason why Andriyivsky Descent is called the Kiev Montmartre: it has long served as a place where artists and sculptors created and performed their most popular exhibitions. Nowadays, as a continuation of this tradition, many art galleries are located here: ‘Tryptykh’, ‘36’, “’Fortuna’, ‘Karas’, ‘Soviart’, ‘Ludmila Bereznitska & Partner’.

Arts and Crafts Fair
However, the main exhibition gallery is Andriyivsky Descent by itself: almost from top to bottom, especially on the weekend, the street is full of paintings, sculptures, antiques, traditional Ukrainian embroideries and various souvenirs offerings from street artists and vendors.

Andriyivsky Descent is a location for two theaters: ‘Koleso’ (Wheel) and ‘Theater on the Podil’. Here you can see performances staged upon classic works and new productions from contemporary playwrights.

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Interesting specialties

A very interesting and mysterious building in Andriyivsky Uzviz is the so-called Castle of Richard the Lionheart, named after the hero of Sir Walter Scott's novel. The second name of this house number 15 – ‘Ghost House’ -appeared because all the owners of the building, during different years, could not sleep there because of the terrible sounds that were heard literally out of nowhere.
The monument to the heroes of the popular movie ‘Chasing Two Hares’ - Svirid Petrovich and Prone Prokopovna – is another specialty of the street. Locals link visiting of this sight to luck in financial and love affairs.

Restaurants and Cafes
Nearby the monument for this funny couple there is the restaurant with the same name, where you can taste traditional Ukrainian and Old Slavic cuisine, is situated here. Contemporary Ukrainian dishes you can also try in ‘Kanapa’ restaurant.
While walking down the hill, you will see many nice cafes and restaurants with French and European cuisine. And, for the dessert, there is a cozy chocolate factory, where you can have a cup of aromatic coffee and tasty chocolate and sweets from Lviv in the end of Andriyivsky Descent.

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