Best Sights in Odessa

Best Sights in Odessa

Odessa is attracting tourists from all over the world by its outstanding beauty and wealth of culture and history. This charming seacoast city is full of interesting places to visit, from famous tourist points to almost secret locations, known only by very experienced travelers. Let`s consider some of the best sights in Odessa.

Ekaterininska Square and Ekaterina II Monument
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Ekaterininskaya square in Odessa is one of the main squares and one of the most important architectural landmarks of the city. It is located in the heart of Odessa not far from Potemkin stairs. The square has changed it shape and name many times throughout the history. In previous years, it was called Duke square, Elizavetinskaya square and even Karl Marks square. The monument on the square is called Monument to the founders of Odessa. It is also known as monument to Ekaterina the Great and her companions: José de Ribas, François Sainte de Wollant, Grigory Potemkin and Platon Zubov. The monument was created by Odessa architect Yuri Dmitrenko in 1900, but it was demounted and replaced with Carl Marks monument in the beginning of the Soviet era in 1921. In 1965, the monument to Potemkin sailors was built on the same place. That monument was on the square from 1965 till 2007. In 2007, the City Council of Odessa decided to restore the Monument to the founders of Odessa using its authentic elements and parts, which were kept in Odessa Museum of Regional History. This project was realized in the frame of the whole square reconstruction. The unveiling ceremony of restored Ekaterininskaya square and Monument to the founders of Odessa was held in 2007.
Address: 1, Ekaterininskaya square, Odessa
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Odessa City Garden
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Odessa city garden (also known as “Gorsad”) is located on the famous Deribasivska street. It was originally founded by Felix de Ribas, the brother of José de Ribas, who was one of Odessa founders. The garden was reconstructed in 2007, and now it looks the same as 200 years ago. Here visitors can find musical rotunda pavilion, where free live concerts are held in warm summer evening, and spectacular musical fountain, working from 21:00 till 23:30. Odessa city garden also includes a unique perfume fountain, which hourly diffuses specially created aromatic essence instead of water. The composition of this perfume essence was created by French perfumer Christophe Lacarin. Beautiful sculptures, which embody special Odessa spirit, are also notable elements of the garden. There is a sculpture of Leonid Utesov, a famous Soviet artist, who wrote a lot of songs about Odessa; a sculpture of the famous chair from the book of Ilf and Petrov “The twelve chairs”; stunning sculptures of lion and lioness – the guardians of city garden.
Address: Deribasivska street, Odessa
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One Wall House
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This unique building in the center of Odessa looks really weird and even mystical. Citizens call it “Witch house” or “Flat house”. Looking on the façade of this house, people see an ordinary house in old Odessa style with iron-coated balconies, chic ledges and fancy wall finishes. But if you go a few steps frontwards and look at the building from the side, you will be slightly shocked and surprised. It seems like the house does not have a side wall, and its overall width is not bigger than one meter. This house was constructed in the years of Czarist Russia. The lack of money during construction process made the architects use a very original solution. It was decided to bring two side walls together in order to avoid paying for back wall construction. That`s why the building has triangular shape and the impressive “one-wall” look, which attracts a lot of tourists, who want to see this odd illusion by their own eyes.
Address: 4, Vorontsovskiy lane, Odessa
Explore the breathtaking views of one of the most beautiful Ukrainian cities, visiting the best sights in Odessa.
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