New to Kiev and want to learn more about this wonderful place? Some prefer to discover city on their own, walking around the streets with a map. Of course, it can be much fun, but what to do if you do not have enough time to explore everything by yourself? In this case, you can always choose a guided bus excursion that will allow you to see all the important landmarks of Kiev during few hours. Let`s check out the most popular routes of Kiev sightseeing tours.

One of the battles that changed the course of history happened 300 years ago. It was the Battle of Poltava. Remembered by Russians with great respect, and not forgotten by Swedes, this battle naturally is renown in Ukraine as well — after all, the famous Cossack Hetmanate also took part in it. Let’s see what caused one of the decisive turns of the Great Northern War and how it went.

An old concept of “pay it forward” has been described as much as a century ago but nowadays it’s relevant as ever. More and more fashion brands choose to ban fur, global initiatives advocate for cutting down on plastic and ordinary people from all over the world organize charity funds. Thanks to the Internet, helping various groups and donating can be done with just a couple clicks. This is also true for Ukrainian charity funds and organizations that help children, homeless animals and welcome volunteering.

Exploring a new city is always a pleasure and an adventure. Of course, it can be much fun just to stroll along the streets without any particular plan. However, learning some tips about must-see and must-do things in a new place will make your adventure way more exciting! We prepared the list of top 10 things to do in Kiev in summer 2018 to help you get the brightest impressions about Ukrainian capital.

Street art in form of graffiti and murals have long gone all the way from vandalism to self-expression. Decorating urban architecture with intricate paintings is especially beloved in Ukraine and has been internationally acclaimed as Ukrainian murals got in the chart of best 2017 murals in the world. While Kyiv and Lviv are traditionally regarded as cities of street art, Odesa unfairly stays in their shadow. It’s high time to fix this — let’s check out the best murals of the city by the Black Sea.

Don’t let the chilly weather fool you — summer is already here. It’s felt especially strong thanks to the bright festivals like Holi, where people can let their hair down and embrace all the colors of nature. Surely, Indian culture is not the only one to explore this weekend in Kyiv — Francophonie day and paintings by Manet will give an insight into the French world.

The hot season is already here and our pets need as much extra care as we do. Apart from intense hydration, there’s a lot more to remember when the temperature hits +30 Celsius. Here are some tips, as well as useful addresses and news that will come in handy in summer 2018.

Since the times of the USSR, summer for many children in Ukraine meant going on an exciting trip to a camp, usually located in the place abundant with nature, like seaside or forest areas. These camps gave an opportunity to meet fellow-minded peers, enjoy festive activities and let the body and mind rest from the busy cities. Nowadays, camps in all their variety carry the same purpose. Let's see how children's camp system is built in Ukraine.

The warm season in Kyiv is a beginning of many things: barbecues, outdoor festivals, and, of course, cruises on the Dnipro River. Each year at the beginning of May, Kyiv Port opens its doors for tourists and locals who want to see the city from a new angle. This year the two-deck ships will take passengers on 5 different routes to explore the city’s waters.

In most European cities, a road from the airport to the center of the city can be quite taxing: navigating through multiple terminals, finding the perfect route, deciphering the ticket sale machine...Luckily, when it comes to Ukraine's capital, things are way easier. Boryspil airport located near Kiev offers various types of transport to get to the city with comfort.

Moving places can be an anxiety-inducing ordeal as it is, but what about moving to a different city or a country? It’s a whole other level, especially when the local language is nothing like your own. Worry not – we prepared a guide of 10 essential things to know for expats who are planning on living in Kiev, featuring how to get a Ukrainian visa, where to rent an apartment, and, of course, where to taste delicious Ukrainian cuisine.

Ukrainians keep pushing great initiatives into the public eye — at the beginning of May, a group of local activists launched Veterano Cab that works similar to Uber and helps ATO vets with employment. One more intriguing project has been recently presented by TravelPost company — an app that lets travelers become a delivery service. Here’s how it works.

When summer is almost around the corner, more and more people find themselves dreaming about the long-awaited vacation. Luckily, major airlines and low-cost companies easily get the idea and open more and more flights to and from Ukraine. Moreover, some have already announced special offers for popular destinations — for instance, flight Kyiv-Larnaca for 85€, and much more.

While the capital of Ukraine is wrapped up in at least three celebrations from the VE Day to EUFA Champion Language Final, this month is even more eventful than it might seem. Urban changes and new projects are approved almost daily, and many of them will affect daily life in Kyiv. Let’s have a look.

The international brand with Turkish roots Beko Ukraine LLC is a subsidiary of Arçelik, one of the largest household appliance producers in Europe. New country manager of Beko Ukraine Mr. Alp Arbatli tells about Beko and his own success story.

Cycling tourism undoubtedly is worth its advantages. Bike is a very convenient means of transport, which gives an opportunity to travel over long distances at a fairly high speed. Besides, you can to get acquainted with the region on a short trip. Let's have a look at the best places for mountain biking in Ukraine.

The bicycle issue has always been a hot topic for Ukraine’s capital, but in the latest years it truly came out on the higher level. In 2018, Kyiv City Administration approved a plan for developing the city’s bicycle infrastructure with an impressive budget of UAH 50 million. While the authorities do their thing, Destinations made a guide for those who want to put their bikes to good use in Kyiv: best bike rental, cycling tracks, workshops and much more.

The great May holidays are almost here, and it’s especially felt in the upcoming weekend in Kyiv. On April 28-29, expect sunny weather as well as numerous events for foodies like a new Gastro Prichal festival and multiple open-air exhibitions about Ukrainian culture and transport.

The concept of marriage often is considered to belong to the most sacred things in humanity, along with the first religious experience and birth of the new life. Needless to say, every culture has accumulated a set of rules and customs to initiate the start of couple's life as one whole. Let's look at the traditional wedding in Ukraine, which unravels many cultural layers and secrets.

Ukraine has invited representatives of different nationalities to take part in our project on happiness. Accomplished personalities, both loving and loved, share the same basic humane values all over the world.

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