Kiev is getting closer to European standards of social and ecological responsibility! On July 5, 2016 Ukrainian capital finally hosted a test run of municipal bike rental system Nextbike, which is a great alternative to public transport in the city.

InterNations is a trusted network and guide for expats in Kiev. As the largest international community for people who live and work abroad, InterNations offers global networking opportunities, local events and expat-relevant information.

MultiNations is a non-profit organization, which is aimed to become the second family for expat community in Ukraine. The foreigners, who have moved to Ukraine, gather every second week to party, meet new people, business partners and have good fun together.

Smarty.Sale cashback service will help you to save on online purchases, returning part of the proceeds from the order you made.

Ukraine occupies the biggest territory in Europe and is the place where the geographic center of Europe lays. However, it differs a lot from most of the Western world countries and is a real magnet for plenty of travelers.

Take a look at main cool Kiev initiatives that were realized in recent years thanks to the joint work of the administration, independent non-governmental organizations and, most importantly, people.

If you are looking for any assistance while being in Kiev you can get help in Assistant Buro which provides high level services to locals and foreigners. “Destinations” met with Nika Koverina, its creative founder.

Travelling is the best cure for any blues or stress. But any of us at least once in a lifetime has got into a weird situation while a trip. These are top-10 common travel-related mistakes.

Lots of young creative professionals and freelancers share the same problem: the lack of office place. Developing capital city is adapting to the emerging working trends and now can offer coworking spaces in Kiev to satisfy the new needs.

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