Once a person starts preparation for the trip, countless pieces of information and advice flow into his mind, whether from the Facebook feed, travel forum or friend's messages. While those are without doubt useful in their own way, sometimes you need all the needed information gathered in one piece. That's why Destinations made a guide on travel requirements to travel to Ukraine from USA.

In 2018 Ukraine started to make its first serious steps in the field of ecology. New law on waste sorting, which came into force on January 1, 2018, has already reaped first fruits: bright modern containers for dangerous waste have been installed in two districts of Ukrainian capital. These containers are purposed for collecting old batteries, energy-saving lamps and mercury thermometers. Let`s see where we can get rid of dangerous waste in eco-friendly way.

When going to a foreign country, we are often worried or even scared to do something culturally embarrassing: some don't feel comfortable with hugs or kisses during meetings, some can't remember the numerous tableware, and others have trouble while tipping in restaurants. Destinations made up a simple guide to introduce readers to the etiquette in Ukraine.

Ukraine is a beautiful country with the geographical center of Europe located in it. It has a rich culture and kind people – proud Ukrainians who are ready to share their cultural heritage with others. Ukrainian has a long history of development.

Mural is an art form that has been spreading internationally like a wildfire. It has been popularized in Ukraine only recently. It didn't prevent local artists from polishing their skills quickly and climbing on the international level – thus, in 2017, three Ukrainian murals appeared in the top rating of the best world murals, successfully grabbing the attention of both judges and public. There's a false idea that Kyiv is the only city full of unexpected paintings on the walls, but in reality, Lviv has just as much – if not more – to show. Let's check it out.

Those who are going to stay in Kyiv for a short or long-term period always wonder about cost of living in the city and the best districts for renting or buying an apartment. We have some good news: according to international rates, Kyiv is considered as one of the cheapest cities in the world! Let`s compare Kyiv prices with other cities and learn which Kyiv district is the best to live in.

Ukraine is a homeland of many brilliant inventors, who made great contributions to the world science and technology. These men achieved excellent results in such fields as space, aviation, medicine, cybernetics, geology, biology and other. Let us consider brief biographies of the best-known Ukrainian scientists and inventors.

Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, has an extensive and rapidly developing transportation infrastructure serving local public needs and facilitating external passenger traffic. To make the use of the public transport system more user-friendly and convenient, Kyiv launches electronic ticketing system within entire communal transport infrastructure.

The main purpose of No Waste Ukraine (Ukrayina Bez Smittya) social project is to improve the conditions of environment, involving citizens into waste sorting. Sorting unloads landfill sites and contributes into development of recyclable materials processing market in Ukraine. Nowadays, the project activity areas are far beyond resolving waste problem, and include drinking water quality, clearness of air in cities, hazardous emissions in natural water reservoirs as well as many other ones.

"New year, new me"? Looks like Kyiv has taken this resolution quite seriously. In 2018, we will witness a series of urban projects, some of them long-awaited. New metro station, reconstruction of parks and public spaces, implementation of bicycle tracks (finally!)...See what else is there to expect this year in Ukraine's capital.

Ukraine's promptly developing history is being carefully documented in all social networks imaginable, as well as newspapers. Mostly published Ukrainian or Russian, they reflect on the news from the world of politics, economics or urban life. However, English speaking newspapers in Ukraine also exist. See which ones are currently the most popular.

Starting a new year with big dreams and positive expectations is always a right decision, and in 2018, we are lucky to have good reasons for it. This year, people in Ukraine impatiently await for many positive changes that have been recently announced in mass media. In 2018, life of Ukraine will positively change in many ways, bringing the country closer to the highest world`s standards. Let us discover the most expected upcoming events in Ukraine 2018.

During last few years, Kyiv has been rapidly developing and becoming more and more attractive and comfortable city for its dwellers and guests. The year 2017 was undoubtedly an important period that  brought many significant changes to the life of Ukrainian capital. Let`s sum up which 2017 noticeable changes in Kyiv took the city closer to the standards of a highly-developed European metropolis.

In just few days many Ukrainians will celebrate Orthodox Christmas. In Ukraine Christmas is the most important family holiday of the whole year full of very interesting ancient traditions and rituals. One of the most known Christmas tradition in Ukraine is bringing the «Dudukh» home for Christmas Eve dinner. If you happen to be in Ukraine (especially Western part of the country) for Christmas, you will definitely see many Didukhs in various forms and shapes on the streets, in the restaurants and hotels as well as homes of many locals. «Destinations» would like to tell you a short story of this ancient local tradition.

The flow of people travelling in and out Ukraine for tourist, business and personal purposes is constantly growing, so airline companies quickly adjust to the new conditions. Recently many companies have announced new comfortable and reasonably priced airline routes in and out the country. Let`s check out the latest offerings on the new international flights in Ukraine.

When it comes to New Year celebration, people around the globe have some of the strangest New Year’s traditions.  In many countries, there’s a shared belief that specific actions taken on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day—or at the stroke of midnight when one becomes the other—can influence the fate of the months ahead. «Destinations» gathered together some of the most bizarre New Year Traditions from around the world.

In September 2017 the Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky Center of the Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU) has opened its doors to visitors. This is one of the most ambitious and successful architectural projects in Ukraine. The construction started in 2015 and in record-breaking 2 years The Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky Center now is a world-class humanities library and also a modern educational center.

Ukraine is a wonderful country with the Black Sea and Carpathian Mountains, which provide you a lot of opportunities for outdoor activities and traveling all the year round. With the holiday season under way and Christmas and the New Year just around the corner, winter is the perfect time to discover new places and activities in Ukraine. Would you like to sip mulled wine at Lviv’s iconic Christmas market on Rynok Square or go to the mountains for spectacular winter scenery and skiing? Here are some ideas for best winter activities 2017-2018.

New national lowcost airline company SkyUp has recently announced its launch in April 2018. In the first working year, SkyUp plans to operate international charter flights as wells as to open some regular domestic and international routes.

In the period of Christmas and New Year, Kyiv becomes a real snowy fairy tale. Many holiday fairs, skating rinks, photo areas and other exciting entertainment locations show up in many places around the city. Let`s check out where in Ukrainian capital we can meet Santa Claus, see fascinating ice figures, buy the best gifts and do many other interesting things.

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