On December 10, 2017, new train schedule comes into effect on the territory of Ukraine, CIS, Baltic and EU countries. The new schedule ensures sufficient transport connection between Ukraine and European Union. Besides that, Ukrzaliznytsia (Ukrainian Railways) is going to launch more than 10 new domestic trains.

Traditional Ukrainian Christmas carols, usually called “kolyadky”, are an integral part of Christmas celebration on the whole territory of Ukraine. These merry songs are sung during the ritual action called “kolyaduvannya” that takes place on January 6 – the Christmas Eve. Let`s learn more about Ukrainian Christmas songs/lyrics and Christmas customs in Ukraine.

When is Ukrainian Christmas in 2018? As always, the most important Orthodox holiday will be celebrated in Ukraine on January 7. Christmas is the favorite event for many Ukrainians, who usually spend it in the family circle and with the loved ones in warm homely atmosphere. Like any other holiday, Christmas in Ukraine has its special traditions. Let`s learn more about Ukrainian Christmas customs and Christmas events that will take place in different cities of Ukraine in 2018.

Ukrzaliznytsia Ukrainian Railways added new international train routes to its schedule. New trains will connect major Ukrainian cities with Europe’s most popular travel destinations. Ukrzaliznytsia has also announced that soon it will be possible to book all international tickets on-line on their official web page

Besides being a large air transport hub, Boryspil is going to become a special place where loving hearts unite. Boryspil airport announces launching of new wedding service, and the first happy couple will register their marriage in the largest Ukrainian airport on December 15, 2017.

Indposhiv Bespoke House offers men`s suits and accessories made by the standards of British Guild of Tailors. Recently opened Indposhiv Bespoke House in Kyiv unites men`s clothes workshop, three fitting rooms, showroom of high-quality fabrics, bar and sales outlet of Ukrainian designers.

Diana is a professional dancer with many years` experience of working abroad as a member of international dance teams. She is the owner of Selfbalance studio in Kyiv which is not just a great place to learn how to dance but to get a chance to build strong self-confidence, to work through hidden psychological issues and to express every beautiful and bright side of one`s personality. We’ve met with Diana to ask her about her perception of party life in Kyiv.

Everyone can suddenly face an unexpected situation, when professional help is needed. For example, electricity is turned off, or your notebook has broken. Maybe you urgently need delivery of some goods or cleaning of your apartment. Some documents need to be translated as soon as possible, or you experience technical problems with your car. The list can be endless. Where to seek for help in such cases? Kabanchik.ua online service is the solution.

In freezing days of autumn and winter, we still feel the need to live an active life and to go out for entertainment. Even if you are not a fan of doing winter sports or walking in the streets during rainy and snowy days, you can find plenty of good options for having a good time outside home. Let`s check out the best ways to have fun in cold season.

Ukrainian winter, with its heavy snow and low temperatures, is a real challenge for homeless animals. In these cold months, dogs, cats and even birds need our kindness and help to survive. So what can we do to make lives of our fluffy friends easier and happier during long freezing winter? Let`s find out.

If you’re considering taking an English language course in Lviv, “Destinations” gathered together some information on the best English language schools in the city.

Ukraine is one of the largest countries in Europe. It gained its independence in 1991 after long years of being a part of the Soviet Union. The country has a very rich, albeit conflict-infused, history.

Autumn is a season that calls for studying. If you ever have given yourself a promise to step up your language game, it is the right time to get real with learning English! Whether it is to enhance already existing skills or starting something completely new, practicing conversation or comprehension, you got a change to do it at the best English schools in Odesa this year.

Ukraine is one of the largest countries in Europe. It gained its independence in 1991 after long years of being a part of the Soviet Union. The country has a very rich, albeit conflict-infused, history. Currently, Ukraine’s future looks promising, as it establishes closer ties with the European Union, resists Russian influence, and reimagines itself as the cultural center of Eastern Europe. Recently the country has also become a global mecca for IT outsourcing and it's economic growth is trending upward. However, political conflicts of the past still linger in the present.

Sometimes each of us feels an urgent need to spend a “lazy day”, which means just having a relaxing time at home without leaving apartment. However, we still might need some home delivery services to make our lazy day more comfortable and enjoyable. Maybe you want to order a tasty dinner, a cocktail, an interesting book or even a professional massage. In such case, home delivery services in Kyiv will make your dreams come true.

For the most adventurous souls, who always wanted to play detective or test their logics, there’s a great way to spend the weekend. Quest games, based on clues hidden in the room, have been recently introduced in Ukraine and are now available in every major city. Find out more about the best Odessa quest-rooms.

Nowadays, you will hardly find any of these beautiful and at the same time sacral headgears of Ukrainian women. Unfortunately, most of Podolian hoods passed away together with their owners long time ago. The very few authentic items are kept only in museum expositions and in private collections. Recently, “Kolo” Vinnytsia-based ethnic workshop decided to explore mysterious story of this unique headwear, which served as a prototype and a predecessor of traditional Ukrainian headcloth.

Autumn brings amazing news and best winds in the sails of travelers: Ukraine once more broadens its list of traveling means, offering quicker and more comfortable solutions. New ways to reach popular European cities will be available for both train lovers, and those who prefer to watch the sky from the porthole. Check out the new destinations.

Moving to another country is always an adventure and a stress at the same time. If for any reason you consider moving to Ukraine – whether you met love of your life, established a business or just felt like at home here and decided to get a permanent residence in this beautiful country – you have to be ready to face and solve particular issues. Let`s see what you need to know before moving to Ukraine.

Whenever you think about Ukraine, what comes to mind first? Like any other country, Ukraine isn’t just stereotypes and is so much more than just vyshyvanka, salo and Eurovision. It is also artists that contributed to the development of world art tendencies, pioneers of science, record-breaking sportsmen and sportswomen, revolutionaries and immigrants that shook the world of music. Find out what is there to discover.

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