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Ukraine – is not just the geographical center of Europe. In our country you will also find a lot of sights, historical places, interesting national goods for every taste and wallet and also high-level medicine. Nowadays medical tourism in Ukraine is on the way to its development. We already have a lot of commercial clinics with experienced doctors ready to help in different sphears, including laser eye surgery.

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Collecting things that we do not use any more only clutters our lives and does not let us breathe freely. Here we offer you some ideas of places in Kiev where you can get rid of old things and help others at the same time.

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Lots of events are going on in Kiev now and we chose the most romantic ones for you to spend an enjoyable and pleasant weekend with your dates or friends in Kiev!

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Make the most of that long awaited, sweet downtime with our guide to the weekend best events and activities in Lviv. Plan your 48 hours of upcoming weekend right now with our selection of the hottest gigs to the snazziest exhibitions and fun festivals.

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If you don’t speak any Ukrainian or Russian navigating through Lviv by public transport might be really challenging. Bus and tram drivers hardly speak any English, so you would have to rely on the help of other passengers if needed as well as English language route maps you can download from the internet.

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You can rarely enjoy a long flight. Inconvenient posture, not always appetizing food, inability to sleep - all these inconveniences of traveling are well known to everyone. However, there are some ways to ease long flights and even make it pleasant.

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Mongrel dog show is a unique event that encourages adoption of mongrel dogs in the community. The Mongrel dog show’s aim is to show that owning a crossbreed or mongrel dog is something to be proud of and that they are not inferior nor superior to pedigree dogs, but fun to own useful canines in their own right.

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It’s always exciting to discover a city from above… Kiev makes no exception with its spectacular monuments and landmarks. Once you've enjoyed Kiev from the ground level and are wondering what things to do next, it's a great idea to head upwards and look down on the city's many famous buildings and attractions.

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‘Ukrzaliznytsia’ (Ukrainian Railways) offers passengers new transport timetable from Vokzalna Metro station as a convenient option instead of subway that doesn’t function properly in connection with the major repairs of escalators at one the main central metro stations.

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On Independence Day of Ukraine (August 24, 2016), the traditional Race in ‘Vyshyvankas’ (embroidered shirts) will take place in the capital. The event will have the charitable character with the aim to collect funds for the purchase of track and field kits for students of five schools in Kiev.

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One of the most popular walking city tours, Lviv Undergrounds and Dungeons tour added two new exciting locations to its route. Discover Lviv’s mystifying underground world and listen to some spooky legends from city’s history.

Make the most of your upcoming weekend, and plan for one (or more!) of these fun activities!

Make the most of that long awaited, sweet downtime with our guide to the weekend's best events and activities in Lviv. From our selection of the hottest gigs to the snazziest exhibitions and fun festivals plan your 48 hours of upcoming weekend right now.

Lots of events are going on in Kiev now. However, we chose the brightest ones for you to spend an enjoyable and fun weekend in Kiev!

Summer Language Program and Culture School in Lviv is the best opportunity to find out about traditional and present-day life in Ukraine and to study Ukrainian language.

Each year Sirius dog Shelter in Kiev rescues hundreds of dogs and cats who have been lost, discarded, abandoned, injured or neglected. Sirius staff does everything they can to find a loving and responsible new home for every adoptable pet.

Everyone is invited to join Fryday at D*Lux Summer Terrace to spend an evening filled with friends and fun on Friday, July 22, 2016!

Lots of events are going on in Kiev now. However, we chose those ones that will perfectly suit all tastes and ages for you to spend an enjoyable family weekend in Kiev!

Lviv has its own vibrant cycle scene these days. The biking infrastructure still has a long way to go in order to reach European standards. However,  the cycle chic movement, meaning people’s desire to bike in style and with comfort is extremely recognizable.

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