Dental tourism in Kiev: clinics in the downtown

Dental tourism in Kiev: clinics in the downtown

The range of dental treatments and services available in Kiev is impressively wide: from tooth whitening up to dental surgery. Patients traveling to Kiev, Ukraine, for dental treatment will be treated according to the latest European medical standards and technology. The number of foreign patients who choose Ukraine as their dental care destination is growing every year.

People from Europe and North America trust the highly respected education and expertise of Ukrainian dentists. Travelers are spoiled for choice among high-quality and comparably low-cost dental clinics in Kiev. Leading dental clinics in Kiev offer the following services for free: consultation, check-up and diagnosis, treatment plan and price offer calculations. Additional services for foreign patients include: translator, airport transfer, hotel reservation and other. There are often special offers, such as reimbursement of the cost of the initial panorama X-ray if you ultimately decide to carry on or start treatment at the same clinic. Dental costs in Kiev are more than affordable for the patients from the US or Europe.
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Medical travelers who seek dental care outside their national borders have a single thought in mind: money. Ukraine and, especially Kiev, has become a dentist tourism mecca for foreigners. Most medical travelers from the US, Canada and Europe are looking for more extensive care, including cosmetic dental surgeries, full-mouth restorations, and dental implants to be conducted in Kiev. Such work can be done at less than half of the US/European price, including travel costs and accommodation expenses.

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Leading dental clinics in Kiev, such as Oxford Medical, Avanto, Luxe Medical are conveniently located in the city downtown. Those Kiev dental clinics are equipped with cutting edge technological equipment and practice top-notch pre-implantation surgery planning methods. All materials and instruments are of the highest quality and only sourced from reputable manufacturers. However, all foreigners interested in dental treatments in Ukraine are strongly advised to seek out evaluations from previous patients, and don’t forget to ask for proof of competence before making an appointment.
Dental clinics in Kiev offer top-notch customer service fluent in English and flexible opening hours for dental procedures.

The high-quality dental work is performed by qualified Ukrainian dentists using leading modern technology. This in turn provides the long-term guarantied results which meet international requirements. All the dental issues are often resolved at prices 50-60% lower than a patient would have to pay back at home. All these facts give an outstanding cost-benefit ratio to dental treatment in Ukraine.
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Though it may seem strange, Ukraine is absolutely at the cutting edge of dental technology, and on a par with the UK or USA methods of dental treatments. Numerous dental clinics in Kiev can offer innovative developments in dentistry as well as high level of service.

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