KyivPASS New Travel Card for Tourists in Kyiv

KyivPASS New Travel Card for Tourists in Kyiv

Kyiv PASS card is a great opportunity for those who visit capital of Ukraine to experience the city treats while spending less money and discovering more interesting destinations.

Kyiv PASS will help numerous tourists to save money with a free access to museums, galleries and other partner locations, discounts in partner hotels, restaurants and bars, free Kyiv metro trips, 24/7 help with all issues that may occur during the trip and audio excursions around the city with the Kyiv City Guide application.
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There are 3 types of KyivPASS cards: 24-, 48- and 72-hour cards. For example, 24-hour card costs EUR 25 and includes 20 museum visits, 8 gallery visits, 3 metro trips, 2 club entrances, 2 city bus overviews, 1 zoo entrance. All these services are free.

Tourists can buy KyivPASS cards in the official Kyiv Tourist Information Centers or on-line. The list of partner locations and the list of museums and art galleries united with KyivPASS card can be also downloaded from the web page.
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