Mongrel Dog Show in Kyiv

Mongrel Dog Show in Kyiv

Mongrel dog show on VDNH in Kyiv is an annual event that encourages adoption of mongrel dogs in the local community. The show is called «Barbos Cup». The Mongrel dog show aims at proving that owning a crossbreed or mongrel dog is something to be proud of and that such dogs are not inferior nor superior to pedigree dogs, but fun to own useful canines in their own right.

The organizers decided to start this type of dog show especially for crossbreed & mongrel dogs giving their mixed breed owners the opportunity to present their dogs to the wide audience with pride without being referred to as scruffs or mutts. Also they want to give a chance for owners to get together and have fun with their pets and socialize.
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«Barbos Cup» dog show will take place on September 9th. This charitable event is a fun way to increase awareness about stray dogs and cats issues in Kyiv and promote pups who are currently looking for new families. 
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You can check all the details of the event on their Facebook page.
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