Mountain Biking in Ukraine

Mountain Biking in Ukraine

Cycling tourism undoubtedly is worth its advantages. Bike is a very convenient means of transport, which gives an opportunity to travel over long distances at a fairly high speed. Besides, you can to get acquainted with the region on a short trip. Let's have a look at the best places for mountain biking in Ukraine.

Without any doubt, the Carpathians are the winners when it comes to choosing the best spots for cycling tourism in Ukraine. Its ageless beauty, which promises intricate discoveries, rich culture of the region and, of course, biking tracks are among the reasons why biking tours are so popular there. Moreover, if you plan your own trip, it is fairly easy to find a place to stay: quite a few families offer rooms in their house, provide meals and tips for the best trip. Alternatively, larger towns and cities have plenty of private pensions and recreational centers, which offer to host travellers and even organize biking tours as well.
Main start-off points for mountain biking in Ukraine are Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernivtsi, Uzhhorod, or any of the train stations along the Lviv-Uzhhorod line: Stryy, Skole, Slavsko, Morshyn, Pylypets, Volovets, Svalyava, Mukacheve. Those are closer to the mountains.
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Morshynskyi region is covered with routes, which have been developed and marked for short walks or bike rides. There you can visit popular tourist attractions, pass through the ancient mighty woods, lakes, and stop by the healing springs. Some routes are planned that way so you ride along the ancient villages and original church buildings. Routes can be combined and changed at your own discretion by moving to another village or other area.
The region has several popular routes that will be suitable for both beginners and advanced cyclists: Dovbush Rocks - Waterfall in Kam'yanka (length - 60 km), Fortress Tustan - cave temple in Rozgirche (45 km), Slavske - Mount Vysoky Top - Yalinkuvate village (30 km), Pniv Castle - Maniavsky Monastery - waterfall (30 km), Javornik mountain – Lavochne village (20 km). Many private recreational centers in the area offer their own routes, verified by the staff and locals, as well as bikes rent and all the needed equipment.
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This picturesque village lays at 700 meters above the sea level and is one of the ecologically "cleanest" spots in Ukraine, which certainly acts beneficially for active relaxation, skin treatment and lungs starved for fresh air. Besides, Pylypets is the closest village to the Shypit waterfall, which doesn't freeze in winter and offers its breathtaking view to everyone. You can take a bus, go hiking or even ride a horse to get to see this hidden beauty. Naturally, it is one of the most well-ridden regions for mountain biking in Ukraine.
In 2011, a bikepark was created in Pylypets specially for bike lovers. Its initial starting spot lays in several meters from the upper station of the Pylypets lifts. To give you an idea, one of the lifts in Pylypets, Borzhava cableway, works all the year round and takes tourists to the longest ski run of 4 000 meters on the Hymba mountain slope. Apart from this, Pylypets has several routes with springboards, obstacles in form of stones and wooden bridges through the ravines for extreme downhill. Just like in Morshyn, the popular routes often start on the territory of private pensions, in this case it is "Grand Hotel Pylypets".
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MTB Marathon "Pylypets"
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For those who want to enjoy a bit of competition, MTB marathon can be a suitable choice. It is an annual race in the mountains, which routes take you through the beauty of the Carpathians, in particular Borzhava. Without doubt, MTB is an event that gathers cyclists from all over Ukraine to rekindle the spirit of competition and true love for the sport. The routes include three options, depending on the skills of the cyclist:
MINI: Length – 21 km, total climb – 600 m
The shortest route available, it is perfect for those who start to get a hand of mountain biking in Ukraine, and want to experience the beauty of the region at its best.
MEGA: Length – 48 km, a common set of height – 1700 m
The route of medium complexity, filled with power ups and technical descents, narrow lanes and wide mountain trails. It is best suitable for ambitious amateurs, who also want to enjoy a ride-through along the mountain stream.
GIGA: Length – 64 km, a common set of height – 2300 m
This route demands the highest level of technics and is suitable for experienced mountain bikers. Stamina and good physical health are a must when taking it up. Just like in the other cases, it's not only about competition, but enjoying the breathtaking views of the Carpathians.
Apart from the above-mentioned routes, you can also use apps like BikeMap, which provide you with the detailed cyclist tracks, filled in by the users. For instance, there are about 30 routes in Morshyn available to download.
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