Ukrainian Shipping Service: Deliver Packages While Traveling

Ukrainian Shipping Service: Deliver Packages While Traveling

Ukrainians keep pushing great initiatives into the public eye — at the beginning of May, a group of local activists launched Veterano Cab that works similar to Uber and helps ATO vets with employment. One more intriguing project has been recently presented by TravelPost company — an app that lets travelers become a delivery service. Here’s how it works.

Those acquainted with BlaBlaCar app will instantly recognize the same principle of work. Upon the registration, a user chooses whether he will deliver or ship a package. The ‘travelers’ add their route with points of initial start and final destination and find orders that correspond to their trip. Besides, users can set a limit on the package’s weight and size to make their job as convenient as possible.
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Those who want to ship a package, be it documents or a kitchen appliance, should upload information about the package, final destination, as well as date and time of delivery. The details of order can be talked over in a chat. The app also has a rating system just like Uber, so good ratings increase the chance of success.
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Users determine the price of delivery and can choose an option of a non-material way of payment. TravelPost doesn’t have any geographical restrictions and works everywhere. The app is free and available for iOS and Android.
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