Winter Indoor Activities in Kiev

Winter Indoor Activities in Kiev

To some people, the winter may seem gloomy and boring, but it’s really just another season that brings a ton of fun and different things to do with your family and friends.

Whether you like fun activities or prefer to have some relaxed quality time, there are definitely many interesting winter activities for you to try this winter.

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Bowling is fun and enjoyable for almost any age. Check out most popular Kiev bowling alleys at CHAMELEON Party Bowling (3, Peremohy Square, Kyiv), Bowling Club Cosmopolite at Bolshevik shopping mall (6, Getmana B. street, Kyiv) or Jambo Bowling (20B, Moskovska Avenue, Kyiv).

Indoor rock climbing

There are a surprising number of indoor climbing facilities around, you just need to look for them. A great workout, this will satisfy your adventurous side when you are feeling cooped up at home. Check out Climbing Gym UP (27, 40-richchya Zhovtnya Ave, Kyiv, Holosiivska subway st.) for ultimate family fun and various climbing surfaces appropriate for children. Another good places for indoor rock climbing in Kiev are Tseh (8, Khohlovyh Family street, Kyiv), Zillertal (6, Sergey Strutsynsky street, Kyiv), NAU (1, Komarova street, Kyiv).

Go to an art exhibition

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Art galleries are the perfect place to kill a few hours while escaping the cold weather, as well as educating yourself on the Ukraine and international art scene. Make a trip to Kyiv’s downtown main galleries, such as PinchukArtCentre (1/3-2, "А" Block, Velyka Vasylkivska / Baseyna str., Kyiv), Triptych:Global Arts Workshop T-GAW (34, Andriivs’kyi descent, Triptych: Global Arts Workshop, Kyiv) or do some research and find one close to your house.

Get a massage 

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This is the total indulgence. Do this toward the end of the day. Otherwise you will be a boneless slug and get nothing else done. Check out WAI TAI thai massage parlor (2B, Mykolsko-Slobidska street, Livoberezhna Station, Kiev; 20, Gorkoho street, Lva Tolstoho Station, Kiev; 2, Georgiyevskyy alley, Zoloti Vorota Station, Kiev), Royal Thai Spa (41, Rejtarska street, Kiev) or do some research and find one close to your house.
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Go shopping

Winter is the time for presents. Go gift shopping to one of Kyiv’s most popular malls. The shopping spots in Kyiv now boast something for every budget from classy and pricey shops selling designer clothes to more affordable shopping malls selling mass-market popular brands. Try Ocean Plaza on Antonovycha street. This is the second largest shopping mall and entertainment complex in Kiev. Another popular Kiev’s shopping destination is Sky Mall shopping mall on Henerala Vatutina street, north of the center near Petrivka subway station. It houses shops of most popular mass-market brands, family entertainment centers (Skymall and Sky Family Park) and Multiplex Movie Theater.
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A lot of winter weekends can be wasted away in front of the TV, especially with the weather being unfavorable to venturing outdoors. «Destinations» offers some tips to keep your winter weekends as interesting as your summer ones.

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