Flying to/from Lviv International Airport: useful tips

Flying to/from Lviv International Airport: useful tips

Lviv International Airport is a modern and spacious international airport located on Lyubinska Street just 7 km from the city centre. This article will provide you some useful tips how to get to the airport fast, safe and with comfort.

Inside the airport you can find Tourist Information Centre, luggage protection packaging booth and souvenir shops. During the flight waiting time, passengers are welcomed at restaurants, cafes, coffee shop, handmade chocolate confectionery and two bars. Passengers can also use post services, ATM machines of different banks, currency exchange office.

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Following airline companies are represented in Lviv International Airport departure hall:
Аustrian Airlines (tel.: +38 (032) 297-60-90+38 (032) 297-60-90 ), 
LOT (tel.: +38 (032) 229-85-00+38 (032) 229-85-00 ),
МAU (tеl.: +38 (032) 229-67-77+38 (032) 229-67-77),
Turkish Airlines (tel.: +38 (032) 229-82-99+38 (032) 229-82-99),
Utair (tel.: +38 (032) 229-82-99+38 (032) 229-82-99),
Wizzair (tel. +38 (044) 206-46-88+38 (044) 206-46-88),
Azerbaijan Airlines (tel.: +38 (044) 246-42-36) tel.: +48225 740 740

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The most up-to-date information about the flight schedule and prices can be obtained by calling the Airport Enquiry Service at +38 (032) 229-81-12 (Ukrainian, English, German and Russian languages are supported).
You can get from the airport to the city centre and vice versa by:
– Trolleybus No. 9 (stops in the centre near Ivan Franko University).
Fare: 2 UAH (general)
– Fixed-route taxi 
 №48 start from 6:10 – end at 23:00 
Fare: 4 UAH.
– Taxi
There are close to 3500 taxi cabs in Lviv. More than 2,500 are equipped with meters. The fare will depend on your route, the time of the pick up or drop off, pieces of luggage. We suggest you to determine the actual price of your journey with the driver or taxi cab operator service before getting into the cab. Call the taxi company to book your transfer, the operator will ask for your pick up and drop off address and will inform on the fair of the service. After your approval the cab will arrive in 10-20 min. 
AeroExpress (official Airport Lviv taxi)
Phone: +38 (032) 290-290-5
"ELC - English language cab"
Phone: +38 093 184 83 84, +38 096 184 83 84

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Lviv International Airport is the major gateway to the scenic beauty and rich culture of Western Ukraine. It plays an important role in promoting travel and tourism in Ukraine. Modern terminal and easy accessibility makes this airport one of the most comfortable air gateways in Ukraine, as well as in Eastern Europe. Enjoy your trip flying to/from Lviv International Airport.

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Address: 168, Lubinska str. Lviv, Ukraine
+38 (032) 229-81-12+38 (032) 229-81-12  - free
Web site:

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