Recently the Kyiv City State Administration has concluded a list of the most popular tourist hotels in Kyiv. Mostly located in the downtown, these hotels offer prime service to ensure the best experience for city guests. All of them are traditionally equipped with high-speed Wi-Fi and have more intriguing features like in-door pools and luxurious restaurants with panoramic windows.

Shatsky lakes, the amazingly beautiful Ukrainian resort in Volhynia, attracts numerous tourists who wish to enjoy clean nature, fresh air, beach activities and fishing. This lake group consists of 24 lakes, including Picsochne, Pulemetske and Sviatyaz`, the latter of which is the largest lake of the country. The area around Shatsky lakes offers numerous accomodation options: recreational complexes, hotels, cottages and so on. Let`s check out which of them are the right choice to stay in.

More and more hotels popped up right before the UEFA Championship final in Kyiv. One of them is Bursa Hotel, located right in the historical heart of the city, Podil. The new venue lures in with intricately designed rooms, a rooftop bar, and a small cozy coffee shop.

Official opening of the modern hotel Aloft Kiev took place on May, 18th. Hotel had been in a soft opening since the end of February 2018, and now the first hotel managed by Marriott International in Ukraine begins to actively conquer the capital, break stereotypes and surprise with new concepts.

When travelling to a new country, we are always concerned about the issue of accommodation. Where to find a good hotel, hostel or apartment in a nice place of a city and how to avoid overpaying for it? We will tell you about the average prices and the best locations to stay in the key destinations of Ukraine.

On May 26, Kyiv will host UEFA Champions League final game between Liverpool (UK) and Real (Spain) football teams. The event will attract around 100 000 fans to the city. Of course, all of them need a place to stay, and Kyiv hotels decided to take advantage of it, raising prices up to unbelievable numbers such as USD 12 000 for a night. Luckily, many Kyiv dwellers still want to keep the good image of Ukrainian capital, offering accommodation to UEFA fans for reasonable prices or even for free.

On the 12th year of the operation on Kyiv market the Radisson Blu Hotel, Kyiv located near The Golden gate presented extensively renovated rooms on two floors. This is the first stage of planned renovation of the entire Hotel.

Take in panoramic views of the Carpathian Mountains, Black Sea and beautiful cities from your room in these hotels with the best views in Ukraine.  For an ultimate romantic experience, get yourself booked into one of these places where you'll find comfy rooms, nice service and a selection of good restaurants, not to mention a front-row seat to the most beautiful skylines in Ukraine.

A 5-star hotel is not just a comfortable place to stay in – it is a place where you are supposed to be surrounded by luxury and gorgeousness. According to international classification, 5-star hotels provide the best accommodation in the heart of city and high-class services such as SPA centers, fitness clubs, concert halls, conference rooms, shops, high cuisine restaurants and many other. Let`s check out top 5-star hotels in Kiev where guests can experience the highest level of comfort.

Traditionally, Radisson Blu Hotel, Kyiv, joins the EARTH HOUR activity. To attract attention to the saving of the Earth's resources, the hotel organizes an HOUR IN DARKNESS together with a special Museum in the dark "Three after midnight /03:00/".

4-star hotels are high-class hotels, offering increased level of comfort and services to their customers. Usually 4-star hotels are located in the city center and provide apartments subdivided into different categories (single, double, family, lux and so on). Such hotels often offer guests additional services like SPA, restaurants, bars, conference halls and fitness clubs. Personnel in any 4-star hotel is supposed to speak several languages. Let`s check out the best 4-star hotels in Kyiv – a perfect combination of moderate luxury and reasonable prices.

Different travelers prefer different types of accommodation. While some value luxury hotels and privacy, others are open to experience sharing their room with other adventure-lovers, enjoying the opportunity to meet new people and to explore new place and culture together. The latter would definitely choose a good hostel, taking all benefits from reasonable prices and chances for making new friends. Well-known TripAdvisor platform gives its advice on the best hostels for those who are going to discover Kyiv.

Staying for a few nights in a hotel may sound like a routine for an experienced traveler – but fortunately, there is always a way to turn an ordinary thing into something enjoyable and exciting! Those who are travelling around Ukraine may book a stay in unusual hotels with unique concept and design in different parts of the country. Let`s discover the most exotic hotels in Ukraine worth visiting.

Thousands of travelers come to Lviv every year to celebrate winter holidays in authentic Ukrainian style. «Destinations» rounded up a list of special New Year and Christmas offers from the most popular Lviv Hotels.

For those who travel a lot, it is very important to have fast and convenient service that offers you the best recreation in short period of time. And if the hotel you stay in looks like cozy home it is an extra benefit.

While the days become shorter and the temperature goes down, and the roofs of Kyiv get white with snow, we start to wait for the most magic time of the year – Christmas and New Year holidays. The best hotels of the main cities in Ukraine have prepared really special offers for the guests for the 2018 New Year Eve!

Jesper Henriksen is appointed general manager of the Radisson Blu Hotel, Kyiv
and the director of Radisson Blu hotels in Kyiv.

Have you ever wanted to have an ability to time travel and witness one of your favorite history periods? If you experienced one of those moments, you know it often ends in sighing over non-existent time machine. However, to see a live history piece of Austro-Hungarian period in Ukraine you don’t need any sci-fi devices - just a suitcase and tickets to Uzhhorod. Here a hotel with unique history is located. It’s Mala Shtatsia.

A multiple winner of a prestigious international World Travel Awards, Senator Victory Square has won the nomination of the best apartment hotel of 2017. What’s so special about the system and does it truly deserve the status? Find out for yourself!

Travelling always includes booking a place to stay overnight. To find good value for money can sometimes turn into quite a challenging task. With it in mind, Destinations offers 5 hotels that are aimed at travellers reliant on Wi-Fi and accustomed to comfort.

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