If you want to get into a very special hotel, have a look at our recommended list of unusual hotels in Ukraine and enjoy your stay in comfortable rooms with unique design.

We usually associate summer vacations with sea and beach resorts. However, spending time in the mountains, breathing fresh air and enjoying silence and calmness is a good option as well. Check out the best hotels with swimming pools in the Carpathians that are perfect for a nice getaway holiday!

Sea, beautiful beaches, delicious food, special vibe and a good rest. Yes, it’s all about Odessa. To make the best out of your visit to the Southern capital, consider staying at one of the best Maristella Club Hotel and Spa in Odessa.

To find a good combination of high quality service, good location and a reasonable price for a hotel might be a challenge sometimes. Check out the top 3 four-star hotels in Kiev that will satisfy all of your needs and won’t leave your wallet empty.

Opera Hotel in Kyiv is a perfect option for those who appreciate European-level class and comfort, chic but reticent atmosphere and enjoy hush while still remaining in the center of city’s business and cultural life.

Famous Odessa vibe does not let the ‘Sothern capital’ be lacking visit all year round. Those who are stopping by to enjoy the sea or making short gastronomic weekend trips should check out the top 3 hostels in Odessa that will make the stay comfortable and pleasant.

Magical Lviv attracts all kinds of travelers. Those who are backpacking through the Western Ukraine or making short getaway budget trips should check out the top 3 hostels in Lviv that will make the stay in the city of Lion comfortable and pleasant.

From time to time, the busy travelers have no time to make all the way from airport to the hotel and prefer to stay close to the transportation point. Obviously, Kiev airports are located in zones with not developed infrastructure. However, there are some hotels near Kiev airports, which offer comfortable and pleasant stay.

There are a lot more things to visit and see in Ukraine than just the biggest and the most popular Kyiv, Lviv and Odessa. Discover Ukraine with commodity and comfort with Reikartz Hotels!

There are plenty of nice and high-class hotels in Kiev. However, if you prefer to stick to the classics rather than experiment with new discoveries, here is the list of the best worldwide luxury hotel chains that located themselves in Kiev.

Not only there is a variety of luxurious, designer, business or creative hotels in Kyiv, but also a few interesting offers that will make your stay at Ukrainian capital truly exclusive and unforgettable. So let us check some Kyiv Exclusive Hotel Offers.

If you want to feel the real rhythm of this city, the best choice is to stay at Dnipro Hotel that is located at European Square in Kyiv.

The President Hotel is located 15 minutes away from Maidan Nezalezhnosti, the central city square in Kiev.

If you stay on Maidan Nezalezhnosti – the main city square - you will obviously notice 14-storey Ukraine Hotel in Kiev. It is a kind of a symbol of the city, an eyewitness of all-important moments of its life.

Bakkara art-hotel is a unique place for romantic weekend. The hotel is located on a ship that is at rest on the Dnypro river. Picturesque views on the river, Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra and forest islands open up from the ship desks.

The history of this 5-star hotel starts in 1912. Since then the hotel has been treated as the one of the best class and remains to be among top luxurious hotels of the city located in its central part.

If you want to visit Lviv, to enjoy this historic city with its architecture and cuisine, you have to choose the best hotel also.

Odessa is a very famous touristic destination in Ukraine. This old and very beautiful city by the Black Sea has interesting history, picturesque views and very special friendly atmosphere. A couple of days here is enough to fall in love with Odessa forever.

If you prefer comfortable, modern and cozy apartments with high level room service to any hotel you may choose to stay in Apartments CITYHOTEL that is located in the central part of the city.

This December the hotel has got 2015 Ukrainian Hospitality Awards as the best luxury hotel.

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