Kiev: Most Interesting Legends and Myths

Kiev: Most Interesting Legends and Myths

How to describe Kiev, the capital of Ukraine? This is the city of the wide river, green chestnuts and friendly people. You will feel the atmosphere of this place while walking along its streets, slopes and hills.

Look around carefully and try to catch each separate moment and view – mostly every monument, church or even ordinary home there has its own interesting legend, myth or just story to tell. Hush, do not miss them!
Legend about Apostol Andrew
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According to this myth, the prediction about Kiev foundation was made by Apostol Andrew. He saw a big beautiful city with a lot of churches on green hills. Later St. Andrews Church was named after him. By the way, some people say, that the place for the future church was chosen by Empress Catherine.
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Lucky Fountain
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Samson Fountain on the Kontraktova Square is well-known among capital’s inhabitants. It brings luck. The legend says that Apostol Andrew hid the sea under this place. So, if a bit of fortune is needed, you know where to look for it.
Brave cat
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We bet, that you have already mentioned the cat monument in the park near Zolotie Vorota (Golden Gates). The appearance of this interesting bronze animal is full of assumptions and myths. According to one of them, this cat was installed in honor of Begemot, «The Master and Margarita» character. But in reality the story is even more entertaining. This monument is the memory about brave cat Panteleymon that died in fire, but helped to rescue a lot of people.
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Kiev metro
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This place if full of legends and myths. Some of them may seem completely stupid (like stories about ghosts or huge rats), but others are worth of your attention. The favorite subjects of such tales are abandoned stations «Lvivs’ka Brama» and «Vydubichi». People say that the one can see there a lot of unusual things. But in fact those stations are not so scary and empty. Ask people who work there.
God knows if some of these legends are true. The only way to check thisis to visit those places and touch most interesting myths with your own fingertips.

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