Long Weekend in Kiev

Long Weekend in Kiev

Thanks to Trinity Sunday, Monday of June 20 is going to be official day off in Ukraine. So, what is going on in Kiev during this long weekend?

Trinity (Triytsya in Ukrainian) is the religious feast dedicated to the Christian belief of Holy Spirit’s descent on the apostles. This year’s celebration of trinity in Ukraine falls on Sunday of June 19. That is why, Monday will be a day off for Ukrainians, which means that you should plan this weekend in advance!

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We have gathered the key events for this long weekend in Kiev:
Kyiv Art Week
This huge cultural event is taking place in Ukrainian capital for the time during June 15-20, 2016. Implementing the famous international format, Kyiv Art Week will bring together museums’ and galleries’ projects, art fair, conference with the participation of international experts, concerts, performances and social events.

Charity Kurazh Bazar
The upcoming Charity Kurazh Bazar at Platforma Art-Zavod is the first philanthropic flea market in Ukraine that gives a chance for everyone to contribute to a big common goal. Besides shopping, the guests will get a chance to see the performances of Ukrainian DakhaBrakha band (Saturday at 6pm) and Georgian Mgzavrebi band (Sunday at 6pm). The musicians will give their live concerts on the stage of Charity Kurazh Bazar along with DJs, flea market, sports, food court and children’s activities.

Photo: Mystetskyi Arsenal
There are lots of exhibitions that you can visit during the weekend, apart from those, held in D12 and galleries participating in Kyiv Art Week. PinchukArtCentre, Khanenko Museum and Mystetskyi Arsenal – all exhibitions that are happening in these museums are super interesting and are really worth visiting!

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Yaniv Day
On June 18, 2016 Kiev will celebrate the traditional Latvian fest for the whole family - Yaniv day. Latvian Embassy in Ukraine invites everyone to celebrate traditional Latvian fest – Janiv Day – on June 18, 2016 at the National Museum of Folk Architecture and Life of Ukraine in Pyrohiv (Pirogovo).
Sunday Brunch

AgriKultura is the Summer School of micro-farming as part of a Sunday brunch, where local farmers talk about their own business and will present their products. Special guest of this brunch is Victor Chirkin, who left the city 6 years ago to feed goats, bake bread and create his forest-gardens. During the meeting he will tell you what is necessary for the foundation of a family farm, teach about permaculture principles in farming and present goat cheese, milk, herbs fruit, vegetables and wine from his Forest Farm.

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Don’t get lost in the variety of things to do in Kiev during this long weekend and spend it with joy!

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