Odessa Aquaparks

Odessa Aquaparks

Odessa has become the Mecca for tourists from all over the world, thanks to its beautiful nature, and numerous golden beaches located along the Black Sea coast. However, these are not the only tourist attractions that make this place so popular. Several amazing aquaparks can also be added to numerous treasures of this resort city.

Orbita Aquapark
The Orbita Aquapark in Koblevo was built in 2011 on the territory of Orbita resort. Occupying the territory of 129,167 square kilometers (12,000 square feet), it is the largest amusement park in this area. Today it can boast a great variety of modern aquatic attractions, such as the Paradise Island Aqua-tower (with its water cannons, net climbs and water slides), the extreme Looping Rocket waterslide (with a robot propulsion system). In addition, visitors will be able to enjoy the other new attractions installed at the park, such as:
Rafting Slide (an open tube slide allowing a whole-family ride)
Wide Rafting Slide (offering the open and tunnel slides)
Black hole (with the enclosed tube slide)
Kids Area (where children can play under the flowing waters of Giraffe Shower or Clown Shower)
Address:  Orbita Aquapark
7, Kurortny avenue, Koblevo, Odessa region
Tel.: 048 7-999-004
Working hours: from 10 am to 6 pm.
Prices: UAH 130-250 
Odessa Aquapark
Occupying the territory of 5 hectares, the Odessa Aquapark is considered to be one of the largest water parks in the south-east of Ukraine. It offers 5 swimming pools, the only wave pool in the area and 27 water slides to its visitors. However, the most popular slides are "Kamikaze", "Rocket", and "Blue Rocket", which height reaches about 19 meters. The other attractions of the aquapark are the 200-meter water slide "Barrel", 2 sandy beaches, parking lot, dressing room, shop, luggage storage, jacuzzi, bar, pizzeria and restaurant. There is also a modern medical center on its territory.
Address: Odessa Aquapark
70/1, Angarskaya Street (at the 7th kilometer of the Odessa-Ovidiopol highway)
Tel.: 048 737-80-08
Working hours: from 10 am to 6 pm.
Prices: UAH 175-250 
Hawaii Aquapark
The Hawaii Aquapark in Arcadia is another great place in Odessa where you can have a good time. It is a huge complex of swimming pools of different depths, water slides, and restaurants. In addition to swimming pools, you can have a snack at the café. What is more, there is a children’s village in the park created exclusively for children where they can swim and play interesting outdoor games.
Hawaii Aquapark
1, Arcadiyskaya alley, Arcadia mall, Odessa
Tel.: +38(048)709-2018; +38(096)909-2018
Working hours: from 9 am to 7 pm.
Prices: UAH 300-600 
If you want to experience real emotions and spend an amazing time with your children, and friends, then you should definitely visit one of Odessa’s aquaparks, where you will be able to enjoy all the amenities of life and improve your health during your summer vacation.
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