Odessa Nightlife Tips For Foreigners

Odessa Nightlife Tips For Foreigners

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Odessa nightlife is indeed rich, diversified and bright. If you are coming to Odessa for the first time without knowing its coolest places, “Destinations” can help you with useful nightlife tips, which will guide you through the city.

Of course, Odessa nightlife is more animated during the summer season, but in winter time there are also lots of things to enjoy and places to visit.
The average check for one person in Odessa nightclub is usually something around UAH 300-350, and ordering a taxi costs from UAH 40 to 60 depending on the distance.
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Also, while being in a nightclub, try to follow some Odessa nightlife tips for foreigners to feel safe and enjoy your night.
• Always bring your ID when you go out, especially to a nightclub.
• Do not drink beverages that were offered to you by strangers (you never know what might be put in those drinks).
• Do not buy any kinds of drugs - such things are illegal in Ukraine.
• If you want to buy a drink for a girl you've just met in a club, please be informed that in Ukraine there is no under-meaning for such gestures, and a drink can be considered as just a drink and nothing more.
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• If the woman is accompanied by a man, the best option is not to make approaches to her.
• Don’t drive being intoxicated with alcohol.
• Do not catch a taxi on the street. It is better order it via mobile application, for example “Uklon taxi”, or make a call to one of Odessa taxi companies (short numbers with a call back are 838, 579, 707).
• Credit cards are OK, but always bring some cash for tips with you.
There are some popular clubs in Odessa city that are definitely worth visiting.
"Ithaca", "Rai Odessa" (Paradise), “Palladium”, “Residence Park” and “Ibiza”. Discover more about nightclubs in Odessa.
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Enjoy your nightlife in Odessa!

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