"Osnovy" English Language Travel Guides

"Osnovy" English Language Travel Guides

"Osnovy" publishing house presents limited edition English language travel guides over Ukraine and its major cities.

This series of awesome English language guidebooks is something absolutely special - a unique combination of text and visual content. "Awesome Ukraine", “Awesome Kyiv" and "Awesome Lviv" guidebooks are a perfect present for your foreign friends and guests.

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This series is dedicated to Ukraine and major Ukrainian cities. Here you can find most peculiar, less known and of course awesome places you can visit. These guidebooks aim to popularize the most interesting and fascinating aspects of Ukrainian travel experience.

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"Osnovy" Publishing House announced that "Awesome Odessa" guidebook is on its way. Due to its popularity "Awesome" guidebooks are difficult to find in local book stores. Currently they are available at "Osnovy" publishing house web page to preorder.

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Every traveler needs an arsenal of products to make his/her journey interesting and exciting. Get your friend or family member who loves to travel and is interested in Ukraine one of these limited edition travel guides from "Osnovy" publishing house. These English language guidebooks will help anyone to discover awesome Ukraine: Kyiv, Lviv and Odessa.

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