Peyzazhna Sculpture Alley in Kiev

Peyzazhna Sculpture Alley in Kiev
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Peyzazhna sculpture alley is one of the most unique and bright places in Kiev, impressing locals and guests of the city with its special miraculous atmosphere. Creative benches and contemporary sculptures, marvelous wall decorations and playgrounds with fairy tale characters on Peyzazhna sculpture alley in Kiev will make you feel like in a real wonderland. This interesting sight is located in the very heart of Ukrainian capital near famous Andryiivsky Descent and Historical museum.

Peyzazhna alley (“Landscapes alley”) is a walking zone in Kiev in the area where hidden defensive walls of the city have been situated in the old times. The alley itself was created in 1980 by architect Abraham Miletsky as a part of a big project of historical park, which was going to be called “Ancient Kiev”. The park was planned as a large complex with lots of historical buildings, but unfortunately the project had never been carried out. Actually, Peyzazhna alley is the only part of “Ancient Kiev” grandiose project, which has been brought into life. Here visitors can enjoy fascinating panoramic views of Podil district and Dnipro River from the same point where ancient Kiev dwellers observed them in the times of Kievan Rus.
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In 2009, an unusual kids` playground was built in the square on Peyzazhna alley. This cozy square with its unique sculptures, fountains and benches surrounded by greenery made the alley popular in a very short time. Everybody wanted to see bright mosaic benches made as hare, cat and crow; children playground with Alice in Wonderland characters; fountain with colorful zebra heads; fountain with a cute elephant; the Little Prince figure and angels with pillows. Undoubtedly, the most favorite place of all locals and tourists is a huge 30-meter mosaic of a cat with many legs, mysterious smile and vivid eyes. All people usually want to take a photo in a large mouth of this nice kitty. The idea of uncommon exposition came to designer Olga Kondratska, and was brought into life by talented sculptor Konstantin Skretutsky, who is famous for being author of many beautiful sculptures in Kiev.
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In May 2011, Peyzazhna sculpture alley was extended by adding 17 art objects created in the frame of Kiev Fashion Park project. This park of modern culture and installations includes funny benches made as lips, eyes, swings, watermelon; bench with pillow and blanket; beautiful sculptures such as Rain Man, Love River, Rainbow. Art objects were created by well-known Ukrainian artists such as Alexander Alexeev, Nazar Bilyk, designers Alexey Zalevsky, Andre Tan and many other.
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During its short existence, Peyzazhna alley has already faced the threat of replacement by new buildings, which provoked a significant public response. In the end, the alley was saved and assigned a status of local natural monument.
Welcome to the world of wonders at Peyzazhna sculpture alley in Kiev.
Address: 8b, Velyka Zhitomyrska street, in the yard
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