Danube biosphere reserve is surely in the top list of all natural wonders in Odesa oblast` of Ukraine. This unique ecosystem in the delta of Danube River impresses with breathtaking beauty of virgin nature and wide variety of wildlife. To preserve wild animals and rare plants, biosphere reserves were established in Romanian and Ukrainian parts of Danube delta. The reserves are united into one big bilateral biosphere reserve, certified by UNESCO. Let`s learn more about miracles of Danube reserve in Ukraine.

Situated in central Ukraine, Poltava Region is often referred to as a place where Ukrainian language was born. This is also a place where very interesting and peculiar landmark, the Ukrainian Pyramid, is situated.

In summertime, we often feel an urgent need to dive into refreshing water to save ourselves from the hot sunbeams. To rephrase the well-known quote of the Beatles – beach is all we need! But what to do if you are in the city with no seacoast or riverside – for example, in charming Lviv? Obviously, going to a swimming pool is the answer. Let`s see which outdoor swimming pools are available in the Western heart of Ukraine.

Exploring a new city is always a pleasure and an adventure. Of course, it can be much fun just to stroll along the streets without any particular plan. However, learning some tips about must-see and must-do things in a new place will make your adventure way more exciting! We prepared the list of top 10 things to do in Kiev in summer 2018 to help you get the brightest impressions about Ukrainian capital.

The most beautiful places in the world are usually hidden away from human's eyes, or are secluded enough to be hard to reach. Numerous islands with tropical trees and fruits, vast forests with rare birds, and lakes with crystal-clear water are just some examples. What about places, abundant with nature, but founded by human, though? Krasnokutsky arboretum which lies in Kharkov is the case. Let's see what's so special about it.

The quiet city by the sea has secret spots where the life bubbles and bustles. This June, one more location will welcome families and youth. South Park, located right near the Riviera shopping center, aims to become the new family-friendly green space in Odesa.

There is a common misconception that the Carpathians are best to visit in winter. Sure, numerous ski resorts and high mountains look particularly spectacular with an abundance of snow, yet summertime is just as graceful when it comes to sightseeing. We picked top 10 locations to visit in the Carpathian Mountains featuring hiking tracks, museums, nature reserves and much more.

The south gem lures in thousands of tourists each year and the reason behind is that everyone visiting Odesa can find something up to his or her taste. Wonderful architecture, spacious beaches, delicious local seafood and the unique Odesa spirit make a weekend near the Black Sea an adventure and soul rest.

When a simple strip of sand and access to water is not enough, beach complexes come to rescue: equipped with playgrounds, saunas, open-air pools and bars, these spots offer the best imaginable relaxation. Kyiv has numerous beach clubs to attend from cozy family complexes to nightlife venues located on the rooftop in the center of the city.

If you spend the day roaming around the downtown, it’s not hard to notice that Kyiv is a city abundant with hills and slopes — after all, many tourist spots like Andriivskyi Descent or Mariinskiy park are located on the elevations. This peculiarity allows witnessing the incredible panoramas of different parts of the city from historical Podil to the hidden industrial Kyiv.

Poltava is a beautiful city in the center of Ukraine located on Vorskla River. Poltava, founded in 899, is one of the oldest cities of the country and the motherland of classic literary Ukrainian language. Besides, the famous battle of Rus and Swedish armies that changed the whole history of Europe was held here in 1709. Nowadays, Poltava is a very important cultural center of Ukraine with many historical landmarks, monuments, parks, old churches and museums. Let`s check out the best and the most interesting places to see in Poltava.

It often happens that tourists and locals have visited the Black Sea more than once, but still have got no there’s much more to it than just beaches and city landmarks. The region hides multiple deserted islands with incredible nature and even more fascinating history — described in works of Greek historians, these spots carried great importance thousands of years ago. Can it still be revived today?

Monastery Island in Dnipro (former Dnipropetrovsk) is a legendary and mysterious place, located in the very heart of the city near the right bank of the picturesque Dnipro River. This romantic island with rich history and many modern amusements attracts many dwellers and guests of the city who like to spend their free time close to nature, enjoying fresh air and beautiful views. Let`s learn some historical facts about Monastery Island in Ukraine and find out what it has to offer nowadays.

Travelling to Kiev? You are lucky: Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, is a wonderful city with numerous historical landmarks, picturesque parks and other interesting sights. If you arrive to this beautiful city for the first time, you may get lost in the variety of must-visit attractions. We make the task easier for you, offering sightseeing map of Kiev with the most worthy places to visit in the downtown.

If climbing mountains is already checked off your to-do list, it might be the time to consider the new highs, or, rather, the new lows. Not everyone knows that Ukraine is abundant with caves and dungeons, some of which are the record-breakers in Europe. Wrapped in legends, they attract hundreds of researchers and tourists each year. While the caves are mostly located in the central and Western Ukraine, dungeons can be found in all regions from south to far west.

We often find ourselves in a too-familiar situation: vacation time is approaching, all the local and neighboring sightseeing spots are visited several times, and multiple Instagram photos of winding European streets don’t stir any emotions. If you feel like seeing it all, it might be the time to switch the gears or, rather, shake the compass. This time we’ll explore the East — Abu Dhabi, the capital of UAE and the largest emirate with cutting-edge technologies and ancient traditions.

The heat slowly but surely comes back to Ukraine, and in no time many dwellers of the capital will find themselves planning an escape route from the warmth they wanted so badly in winter. Luckily, apart from numerous pools and resorts, in 2018 Kiev will have more beaches to relax at compared to previous years. Upon the beginning of the hot season, Destinations gathered a guide of the best beaches in Kiev to visit in 2018.

Astonishing mountain views, healing fresh air, unity with nature and authentic culture of the Western Ukraine… This is how Zakarpattya can be briefly described. In fact, this region hides so many wonders and amazing places, that it would be hard to fit them all into one article. However, we did our best, and chose the top 7 places of Zakarpattya worth paying a visit.

Finally, warm days are in Kiev, and all dwellers and guests of the city impatiently wait for the weekends and holidays to have some fun outdoors. Fortunately, Ukrainian capital offers numerous interesting activities for the spring and summer season: festivals, concerts, parties, museums, galleries and so on. Moreover, some of the interesting places in Kiev are available for visiting completely free of charge!  Let`s check out where we can get the brightest impressions in Kiev for free.

While it may appear that the upcoming May holidays are the perfect occasion to sleep the days away, the blooming nature and great weather forecast make it difficult to resist the temptation to get away from the busy city. Luckily, that’s when bikes tucked away after the prolonged winter come to good use — check out a top-7 of getaway spots for riding a bike near Kyiv.

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