Places to Go with Kids in Kiev

Places to Go with Kids in Kiev

Everyone knows that children adore outdoor and sports activities. However, apart from city parks and recreation zones, aqua parks and playgrounds, there are much more places to go with kids in Kiev.

Kiev offers the widest range of activities for kids and family leisure. Here are just a few of the most interesting and popular ones that do not involve a language barrier, which can often occur to a foreigner in Ukraine.
Kiev City House of Nature presents the regular exposition of Aquarian fish and plants. Theme exhibitions on particular plants collections and live animals are set there periodically. To enjoy the animals’ company, you can also visit Kiev City Zoo or Nemo Dolphinarium.

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Kiev Circus welcomes guests from autumn till spring. It is classical circus, which programs comprise both shows with animals and air gymnastics, tightrope walking, clownery. Again there are live animals - but all look well fed, loved and if you are going to go to such events - this is one of the best locations. We don't condone circuses with live animals - but we also realize they continue to be part of the culture here.
If you are in favor to turn leisure into an educational choice, you will appreciate one of the following activities.
National Museum of National History, based on classical approach to museum study, comprises five museums: the Geological, Paleontological, Zoological and Botanical. It is interesting for kids with its enormous collection of more than 30 thousand specimens of plant and life forms, artefacts of the tribes and peoples of modern Ukraine territory. Thirty landscape expositions and bio groups are contained within impressive dioramas. The foreign-language guide may also be ordered.

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The State Aviation Museum (close to Zhulyany airport) is the open-air exposition of nearly 70 aircrafts and helicopters. You can get inside most of them.
The Historical Locomotives and Carriages exposition is concentrated on rather small open-air ground, but is valuable for its entirely origin exhibits. One can dream of being the Russian prince or the military overlord while sitting in the carriage private apartments of the 19th century, restored properly.
Kiev Water Museum, based in the ancient city water tower, attracts visitors with very special, witty, entirely interactive and entertaining approach to water issues: from water circulation in nature to history of municipal sewer system.

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Experimentanium is the lately set contemporary museum, aimed to educate natural sciences in entertainment interactive way. Well worth a visit if you have active kids with enquiring minds!

Kiev Planetarium has spherical cinema facilities for entire comprehension of astronomy and some other natural sciences issues. Lectures in English or French languages may be ordered.
Kidsville Profession Center offers around a hundred different occupations for children to learn about and to experiment with. Here kids can get to work at a chocolate factory, a farm, on a construction site, in a beauty salon, in community service, on the police force, and even in a city hall.
Whatever your children’s interests are, you can always fun and interesting places to go with kids in Kiev.

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