Would you like to visit the ancient Kiev and feel the atmosphere of Kiev Rus of V-XIII centuries? It is possible today thanks to the park stretched on 10 acres near Kiev. "Kiev Rus Park" is located in a historically significant place mentioned in the chronicles that best suits the terrain and repeats the vegetation of the ancient Kiev thousands of years ago.

Nothing will describe Odessa and its locals better than the main street. Deribasovskaya is considered to be the heart of Odessa. Those who live in Odessa love it and carefully preserve its special atmosphere. Deribasovskaya , neither wide, nor long, fully expresses the whole character of Odessa. It offers very cozy and quiet home atmosphere. What is so attractive?

You will not find these Odessa secret places on a tourist map; they are not mentioned in any travel guide but they are totally worth visiting to spend some good time in a beautiful city.

These unique Lviv museums offer an ideal way to discover lesser-known artefacts, learn more about the history of Lviv, and delve into some of the city's peculiar corners.

Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi near Odessa, which recently celebrated its 2500th anniversary, is considered to be the oldest places in Ukraine. Along with Rome and Athens, it is one of ten most ancient towns in the world. For the majority of tourists, the town’s main attraction is the Akkerman Fortress.

Crowning the historical part of the city, the Shakh Palace is rightly considered to be one of the most beautiful and magnificent buildings of Odessa. Constructed in uncharacteristic for Odessa neo-Gothic style, it stands out against other age-old buildings of the city and represents town's true adornment that amazes both locals and city visitors.

Weekend spectacular events and family fun - there are always good reasons for a party at VODA day and night club at Bukovel.

Cinema under the starry sky is a highlight in every summer. No matter if romantic classics or latest thrillers –  Lviv Outdoor Summer Cinema in Park of Culture guarantees unique movie nights. 

Lviv Film Center has perfected the movie-going experience by transforming scenic rooftop of Lviv’s movie theater into a unique outdoor cinema. And this is the only one of its kind in Lviv. There’s no better way to spend your summer nights in the city.

Ukraine is known for its karst caves. The most popular among tourists, “The Cinderella” (also known as “The Emil Racovita”) cave is truly a unique natural wonder. The entrance to the cave is located on the territory of Moldova, in Criva village. However, the bulk of its underground tunnels (93 km) is located mostly on the territory of Ukraine.

Odessa city beaches are familiar to the majority of the visitors of this beautiful city. ‘Destinations’ brings you to Odessa secret beaches, where you would be able to find tranquility and comfort even during high summer season.

The only way to fully appreciate the fascinating, sensory art of real cheesemaking and the unique beauty of La Farme d’Elise estate is to drop in for a visit.

Mysterious and architecturally lovely, these top 5 places to visit in Lviv will turn your trip into an ultimate experience.

Take a look at Lviv from a different angle and see the quirkier side of the city.
There are so many sightseeing tours in Lviv to choose and satisfy your hunger for culture, history, excitement and entertainment is easy.

Castles of the Western Ukraine are one of the major tourist attractions. Their beautiful architecture, mystical history and scenic landscape setting attract many visitors. 

Just when you think you’ve seen it all… this selection of Lviv-based 5 unusual things to do will get you off the beaten track offering some of the hidden delights of this beautiful city.

Don’t get us wrong - we understand that many of our readers have probably been in Lviv. But even we can't help but feel jealous scrolling through the feeds of these local Insta bloggers. ‘Destinations’ advise you to check the best of them.

The longest network of catacombs in the world, which is also the only one that has not been fully mapped, courses under the city of Odessa. The dark tangle of corridors and rooms beneath Odessa reveals the long forgotten hidden treasures.

Odessa is the Southern capital of Ukraine with Black Sea coastline, relaxed nightlife, festive mood and amazing beaches. Take a look at the best beaches in Odessa to sunbathe, swim and spend a joyful time.

Shatsky Lakes


Picturesque landscapes, mild curative climate, rich flora and fauna make Shatsky Lakes, located in Volyn region in Western Ukraine, an ideal place for varied recreation and health improvement.

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