Every tourist coming to Kiev is excited with the beauty and power of this city. A lot ofplaces are worth seeing in our capital. Maidan Nezalezhnosti, Kievo-Pecherska Lavra, Andriyivsky Uzviz and many other attractions are among “must visit” sights.

Kiev is a fast-moving city. No surprises that one can feel like getting out of the busy rhythm of life and enjoy peaceful and calm day somewhere far away from the city. Unfortunately, there is no such option all the time. However, there are some places in Kiev to escape from reality for just one day.

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What do you imagine when somebody says „Odessa“. No doubts, you see marvelous beaches, blue sea, National Opera building or Deribasivska Street with its pleasant cafes and artists ready to paint your portrait. But the point is that Odessa is not only a beautiful architecture. It also has very interesting undergrounds.

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No doubt, Odessa is one of the loveliest cities in Ukraine. When you hold a camera, it is very difficult to keep yourself from taking photos of the stunning sea, golden beaches, bright sun or fabulous architecture.

«Destinations» narrows down top 5 must see places in Kiev for ultimate travel experience in the capital of Ukraine.

The view from the Turkish Bridge leading to the Kamyanets-Podilsky fortress is one of the country's iconic, front-page vistas. This monument of fortification architecture is considered to be one of the most popular places to see in Ukraine.

Odessa is often referred to as the southern pearl of Ukraine and has numerous selection of must visit places. This city is a dynamic, energetic and somewhat decadent metropolis located on the coast of Black Sea. «Destinations» narrows down most popular must visit places in Odessa.

A traveler who arrives to Odessa for the first time might be overwhelmed with the number of museums and art galleries in this southern Ukrainian city. Let «Destinations» point you in the direction of the finest museums and galleries to visit in Odessa as well as top exhibitions and events they have to offer. 

Lviv has always been an amazing city to look at. Due to its magnificent historical skyline more and more places are taking advantage of the views and create spaces the public could use to see Lviv from above.

«Destinations» has drawn up a list of the best places where people can see Lviv from above and enjoy one of the greatest cityscapes in Ukraine.

Shota Rustaveli Street lays in Pechersk district of Kiev, connecting the Bessarabka area the so-called ‘New Structure’, originated in the 1830s due to the flatness and a built-up area in the valley of Lybid River. Throughout its long history it was called Mala Vasylkivska (as it lays parallel to Velyka Vasylkivska), Borokhov street and, finally, in 1937 it was given its modern name in honor of Shota Rustaveli, medieval Georgian poet.

Make the most of that long awaited, sweet downtime with our guide to the weekend's best events and activities in Lviv. From our selection of the hottest gigs to the snazziest exhibitions and fun festivals plan your 48 hours of upcoming weekend right now.

Starting from 2014 fantastic murals began to decorate narrow lanes and wide avenues in different parts of the city. Over 50 walls have been decorated since that time by international street artists and many more are announced to be painted in 2016. Mural fever has arrived to Kiev and is here to stay.

Escape this season’s unbearable heat with a refreshing dip in one of the best outdoor swimming pools Lviv has to offer.

Lviv Art Gallery


Possibly the finest art museum in Ukraine, Lviv Art Gallery, is home to more than 60,000 pieces of art from all over the world.

Would you like to visit the ancient Kiev and feel the atmosphere of Kiev Rus of V-XIII centuries? It is possible today thanks to the park stretched on 10 acres near Kiev. "Kiev Rus Park" is located in a historically significant place mentioned in the chronicles that best suits the terrain and repeats the vegetation of the ancient Kiev thousands of years ago.

Nothing will describe Odessa and its locals better than the main street. Deribasovskaya is considered to be the heart of Odessa. Those who live in Odessa love it and carefully preserve its special atmosphere. Deribasovskaya , neither wide, nor long, fully expresses the whole character of Odessa. It offers very cozy and quiet home atmosphere. What is so attractive?

You will not find these Odessa secret places on a tourist map; they are not mentioned in any travel guide but they are totally worth visiting to spend some good time in a beautiful city.

These unique Lviv museums offer an ideal way to discover lesser-known artefacts, learn more about the history of Lviv, and delve into some of the city's peculiar corners.

Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi near Odessa, which recently celebrated its 2500th anniversary, is considered to be the oldest places in Ukraine. Along with Rome and Athens, it is one of ten most ancient towns in the world. For the majority of tourists, the town’s main attraction is the Akkerman Fortress.

Crowning the historical part of the city, the Shakh Palace is rightly considered to be one of the most beautiful and magnificent buildings of Odessa. Constructed in uncharacteristic for Odessa neo-Gothic style, it stands out against other age-old buildings of the city and represents town's true adornment that amazes both locals and city visitors.

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