Ukrainian landscape can boast a wide network of small and big rivers. In general, the territory of Ukraine includes more than 70 000 rivers, located in the different corners of the country. Many of these rivers are notable not just for their refreshing waters and natural beauty, but also for various interesting legends related to their history. Let us consider the most exciting stories about some of Ukrainian rivers.

Small town of Svaliava in Zakarpattya Region is a well-known resort not only in Ukraine, but also in neighboring countries. Its mineral waters and their unique healing qualities were first described in  a historical document dating back to 1463. Till our days many people come to Svaliava to cure their bodies and souls enjoying breathtaking mountain views and unique mineral waters.

The relocated herd of buffaloes has been attracting numerous tourists to the eco-park area created near Orlivka village in the wetlands of Kartal lake. The park is hosting sightseeing tours, tourist visitations and local activities such as buffalo milk products degustation (note that it is from Buffalo milk a famous Italian mozzarella is made).

Ukrainian city Cherkasy is the administrative center of Cherkasy oblast`. This beautiful city is located on the right bank of Kremenchug water storage, built in the middle course of Dnipro River. Cherkasy is an important industrial, cultural and educational center with interesting history. The city played a significant role in the formation of Ukrainian Cossacks army. Let us consider the most interesting sights and attractions of Cherkasy.

What's better than heading to your favorite bar, grabbing an ice-cold pint of beer or glass of wine and enjoying a relaxing summer afternoon? Doing all that with a view, of course. And when it comes to scenic sights, there's one standout: the water. Nothing beats feasting your eyes on glistening waves calmly beating against the shore — and that's a fact.

Summer in Lviv is a happy affair. The city hosts numerous festivals and art events as well as offers an impressive variety of fun and exciting activities to try out during the season. In case you decide to visit Lviv this summer, your trip will be anything but boring.

The hot summer season brought really hot days, so it is time to look for a swimsuit and sunglasses. These are Ukrainian beaches, which are the famous locations for swimming, relaxation and sunbathing in Kyiv and Odesa.

The capital of Ukraine has it all when it comes to ultimate summer fun, you just have to know where to look. With mighty Dnipro river, bright sunshine, soft sand and beautiful nature around — beaches near Kyiv have earned a good reputation with locals and tourists alike.

Summer is the right time to escape from noisy city and to have a relaxing day in nature. Breathing fresh forest air, sunbathing, diving into clean river or swimming pool… What can be better? Let us consider some good water resorts near Kyiv, where guests can spend the best holidays.

A well-designed park is more than green space in the middle of urban area—it makes a city lovable and livable. For city dwellers and tourists alike, a city park becomes a shared backyard. Lviv has some of the oldest and most beautiful samples of landscape design on its territory in Ukraine.

Ukraine's landscape mostly consists of fertile plateau and steppes crossed by rivers and also have diverse geographical features ranging from highlands to lowlands. Ukraine has different national parks that were created to protect the biodiversity of the country. These protected areas help to conserve the varied ecosystem and the rich biodiversity housed in Ukraine.

Situated in central Ukraine, Poltava Region is often referred to as a place where Ukrainian language was born. The administrative center of the region, the city of Poltava is one of the best-known Ukrainian cities. Here tourists will find many historic monuments and important architectural achievements, as well as amazing natural recourses, and the inexhaustible cordiality of Poltava dwellers.

Ukraine due to its geographical location and diverse landscapes offers what seems like an endless number of options for active leisure and extreme sports. Summer is a perfect time to travel and engage ourselves in new activities and hobbies with Ukraine being a perfect destination to try it all out.

Odesa region is famous for its picturesque estuaries that extend along the entire Black Sea coast. There are 7 large estuaries in the region, which are in close proximity to Odesa city, and a few small ones, scattered not far from the sea coast.

Tarakanivsky Fort, also known as New Dubno Fortress, is located in Rivne Region. Now it stands in ruins, but even in such a sad condition the fortress gathers numerous tourists. Many legends and mystical stories are associated with this place in Western Ukraine.

Feofania park was built in 1912. It occupies the picturesque area at the southern edge of Kyiv, near the Cathedral of St. Panteleymon.  Since 2003 the park has undergone some major renovation and remodeling. Despite its remote location, Feofania somehow became one of the favorite destinations for picnics and weekend trips for Kyiv dwellers.

Western Ukraine is travel mecca for numerous visitors who come to Ukraine. Due to its geographical location, rich history and multicultural background, this area can offer many interesting options even for the most spoiled and curious travelers.

When it comes to choosing the perfect place for a camping trip, there is no shortage of beautiful and adventurous camp locations to choose from in Ukraine. Studies have shown that people who spend time in nature cope better with stress, feel happier and have more self-esteem. Are you ready to finally stop hibernating and reconnect with nature?

Are you planning summer holidays in Ukraine? There are numerous worthy destinations to visit and exciting activities to do in hot summer days. We offer you just a little part of the great variety of interesting options for the holidays. These picturesque places of Ukraine are definitely worth seeing.

When talking about Odesa attractions, what mostly comes to mind is its beaches, aqua parks and other water-related attractions. However, Odesa can also offer many other locations for active leisure with friends and family. The newest addition to the list of such places is New Vasyuky entertainment park.

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