Ukrainians like to celebrate New Year’s Eve with friends and family. And in spite of freezing temperatures, they often toast the New Year outdoors, when the sky lights up by fireworks. We gathered together top 5 most popular destinations in Ukraine to celebrate New Year 2018.

Lviv has its unique charm and atmosphere that attracts numerous travelers. Local coffee, pastries and beer became legendary among Ukrainian foodies. Lviv’s architecture, deprived of the Soviet features, which is the architectural core of other big Ukrainian cities, makes an amazing set for lovely photos and magical city views. Lviv has much to offer even to the most spoiled travelers.  «Destinations» rounded up 5 reasons to visit Lviv, Ukraine.

Those who have already been to this charming seacoast city in the south of Ukraine, will easily explain what makes them come back many times! But if you still have not visited sunny Odessa, you may wonder what amusing attractions are waiting for you there. Check out our list of 5 reasons to visit Odessa – it will motivate you to pack a suitcase and buy a ticket to Odessa right away.

Fascinating Ukrainian Carpathians attract numerous tourists with their magical aura and exceptional sublimity of natural landscapes. Deep lakes, meandering rivers, green forests and high mountains – Carpathians are the best place to spend time with Mother Nature, healing your body and soul by fresh air, calmness and breathtaking views. Let`s check out some places in Carpathian mountains definitely worth visiting.

Within an hour and a half drive in 90 km from Kyiv along the Zhytomyr highway there is the medieval Radomysl castle with unique museum of Ukrainian home icon and the only old paper mill in the country.

Carpathian Mountains are clipping the country's southwest corner endowing Ukraine with a crinkled region of forested hills, spectacular mountain lakes, fast-flowing rivers and picturesque  waterfalls.  Carpathian region in western Ukraine contrasts hugely with the flatness of the steppes in the South East and of the country as well as urbanized territories of central and eastern Ukraine. Here rises mountain Hoverla – Ukraine's highest peak (2061m).

Kolochava is a small picturesque mountain village located in the very heart of Carpathian Mountains in Ukraine. This is a very popular recreational destination, which offers fresh mountain air, breathtaking views, mineral water springs and impressively well-preserved culture and traditions of the region. Kolochava is often referred to as a museum-village. Here travelers can discover the genuine lifestyle of Carpathian ethnical groups.

Besarabsky market, which is also called “Besarabka” by Kyiv dwellers, is one of the largest and oldest markets of Ukrainian capital. Nowadays, it is a roofed space, located in the very heart of Kyiv on the west part of famous Khreschatyk street. Besarabsky market is known for the high prices as well as for the highest quality of products. Let us consider some interesting facts about the history of Besarabka.

Welcome to autumn – the time of dreaminess, inspiration and magic. In this charming season, Kyiv becomes unbelievably beautiful. Many people walking in the city streets covered with golden and red leaves feel the need to eternize this beauty. To do so, they take exceptionally lovely pictures, which you can find on Instagram afterwards. Let`s please our eyes with the best Instagram photos of autumn Kyiv.

Andriyivsky (Andrew’s) Uzviz («uzviz» in Ukrainian means steep street or descent) is a very popular tourist destination in Kyiv. This street is also known as the Montmartre of Kyiv; it is one of the most ancient streets in the Ukrainian capital. It charms with its legendary history, inimitable colors, and unique architectural ensemble.

Loving couples, which are going to get married, always look for a truly special and charming location for the important day. If they search for a perfect place in Odesa, they are lucky: this magnificent city offers plenty of amazing locations for celebration. Gorgeous banquet halls, luxury restaurants, picturesque sea coasts… The best wedding locations in Odesa will make any wedding ceremony exciting and memorable.

After Ukrainian Revolution of Dignity in 2013-2014, a posh mansion near Kyiv in Novi Petrivci village opened its doors for the wide public. Of course, we are talking about Mezhihirya, the famous residence of Ukrainian ex-president Victor Yanukovych, who escaped from Ukraine after the tragic events that took place in Kyiv in winter 2014. Nowadays, this luxury building with beautiful surrounding park, which was assigned the status of National Park and Museum of Corruption, and is well-known as Yanukovych House, welcomes everyone interested for an excursion.

Peyzazhna sculpture alley is one of the most unique and bright places in Kiev, impressing locals and guests of the city with its special miraculous atmosphere. Creative benches and contemporary sculptures, marvelous wall decorations and playgrounds with fairy tale characters on Peyzazhna sculpture alley in Kiev will make you feel like in a real wonderland. This interesting sight is located in the very heart of Ukrainian capital near famous Andryiivsky Descent and Historical museum.

You can feel it in the air - the profound seasonal change - when the wind chills and the landscape is painted with red and orange foliage. There’s nothing better than exploring Lviv’s fall foliage. This city gets exceptionally beautiful in autumn and «Destinations» gathered together top city’s destinations that look most beautiful with the arrival of fall.

Autumn's crisp air and bright colors inspire travelers to embrace the outdoors. Cooler weather makes it an ideal time to take a hike or road trip to admire the fall foliage. And Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains is one of the first fall destinations that comes to mind, with its picturesque small villages and rolling hills blanketed in red and yellow leaves.

Clipping the country's southwest corner, the Carpathian arc has endowed Ukraine with a crinkled region of forested hills and fast-flowing rivers that feel a continent away from the flatness of the steppe. This is the land of the Hutsuls, whose colourful folk culture is laced through thin villages stretching languidly along wide valley floors. These are the highest and most picturesque mountain peaks of Ukraine.

Ukraine has a lot to offer couples who are considering having their engagement or wedding celebrations here. «Destinations» rounds up some of the best locations around the country to hold that very special event. We’ll be covering hotels, churches, parks and pavilions to give you the greatest variety of beautiful locations for your dream wedding in Ukraine.

Autumn is undoubtedly the favorite season for all fans of picking mushrooms. This time, lovers of quiet hunt all are especially lucky, because these years` harvest of mushrooms seems to break all records. Check out locations not far from Kyiv, where you are guaranteed to gather a whole basket of delicious mushrooms.

Many travelers and even native Kyiv dwellers feel surprised when they hear that a large fortress is located in the very center of Ukrainian capital. However, it is true, and those who are interested can find this historical place, hidden in the labyrinth of Pechersk district streets. Kosoy Kaponir fortress, situated near Kyiv military hospital, impresses visitors with its significant size and spectacular views. Let us consider the history of this unique location.

There’s no shortage of zoos in Ukraine, with plenty of opportunities to hang out with the animal kingdom. But which ones are the best? Many of Ukrainian zoological parks still have a long way to go in order to reach European standards; some of the facilities have already started that process. «Destinations» offers some handy information on the best zoos in Ukraine.

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