Amazing Ukraine: Natural Miracles Worth Visiting

Amazing Ukraine: Natural Miracles Worth Visiting

Our country is well-known for its beautiful nature. For example, famous Carpathians are one of those places where you can have an outstanding vacation either in summer and winter. You will not forget those green lawns, refreshing river water and inexpressible atmosphere. Ukraine is amazing and there are a lot of natural miracles worth visiting.

Our web made a list of really awesome places you should see with your eyes at least once in a life. Are you ready to listen and note?
Askania Nova Biosphere Reserve
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This is the place where all visitors can feel the unity with nature. Ground, trees, grass, various plants and everything in Askania Nova is untouched by humans. Here you will meet many different animals which will attract your attention and you can feed them from hands. A walk along the reserve will not leave you indifferent.
Location: Kherson Region, approximately 690 km from Kiev
Excursion season: from 1st April to 10th November
Box office working hours: daily 8 a.m. – 17 p.m.
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Tunnel of love
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This place, with no doubts, is from a fairy tale. Specialists call it «botanical phenomenon». Tunnel of love is situated between two villages – Klevan and Orzhev. You will find it near the railways. The tunnel is formed by trees and plants weaved between each other naturally. It seems that this tunnel is the gate to other magical world. Photos of this place are made without using Photoshop. Choose summer, late spring or early autumn to visit this place. The panorama will be the best.
Location: 4-B, Zheleznodorozhna Street, Klevan village
Svityaz Lake
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It is the deepest natural lake in Ukraine. The water is very pure and clean. Visit this place in sunny weather and you will see the bottom without any problems. The quality properties of water is one more feature of Svityaz. Your skin will be soft and beautiful after swimming in the lake. Rent an apartment on the coast near Svityaz and spend there a couple of amazing days.
Location: Shatskiy area, Svityaz village, approximately 530 km from Kiev
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Synevir Lake
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This lake is the visiting card of Ukraine and the main destination for those tourists, who want to understand the natural beauty of our country. According to scientists, this lake was formed about 10 000 years ago. The legend says that Syniver is the tears of Syn – blue eyed daughter of one rich and influential graph. Syn’s father ordered to kill girl’s lover – Vir, the shepherd. She cried heavily and the lake was created.
Today Synevir is the favorite place of many people. Lake is full of trout, but fishing is prohibited.
Location: Mizhgirya area, Synevirskaya Polyana village, approximately 750 km from Kiev
Buky Canyon
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You should visit Buky Canyon while travelling to Odessa from Kiev by car. This is the most beautiful sight ever with warm rivers and marvelous view from high. Here the one can find place for camping and explore ruins of hydro power station. If you want to make excellent photos and get a lot of «likes» in Instagram, this canyon is the best choice.
Location: 3, Turisticheskaya Street, Buky village, Cherkasy region
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Uritsky rocks
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You will not find counterparts of this natural miracle of Ukraine anywhere else in Europe. Get there and you will find yourself surrounded with dozens of unusual rocks. The height of these rocks can reach 50 meters. The most outstanding fact about this place is that rocks are decorated with ancient paintings. The meanings of these symbols are still not known. A lot of famous Ukrainians visited this place in different times: kings Kazimir and Daniil Galitskiy, writer Ivan Franko and many others.
Location: Urich village area, Lviv region.
Natural miracles of Ukraine are various and they are worth visiting.

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