Attractions in Hydro Park in Kiev

Attractions in Hydro Park in Kiev

Kiev is an extremely beautiful city. So if you would like to discover its natural beauty and to try some new extreme sports you definitely should visit Hydro Park. Some say it is the heart of Kiev, which is difficult to deny. It is a rare luck to get into a place where you can get all kinds of aesthetic pleasure for free and to have fun in a healthy way. Hydro Park is the exceptional prove that it really is possible.

This landscape-recreational Hydro Park is a huge entertainment complex between the Dnipror River and Rusanivsky strait. It is situated on two islands - Venetian and Dolobetsk connected by the Venetian bridge. Surrounded by wild waters of the biggest river in Ukraine and covered by pure green forest, this place is unique and divine. It is hard to imagine that in the center of the modern megalopolis can exist something like this and you can actually get there by metro.
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There are many things to do when you come to Kiev Hydro Park. You can walk through the woods and breathe the fresh air, swim, try jogging or just admire the beauty of pink lotuses in bloom. But also there are some extra attractions created by people.
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1. The free open-air gym that was made in the 60s so it took all the coloring of the Soviet style. You can come here to exercise a little bit, getting warm before swimming or jogging. But you can also enjoy it as a museum because there are no such gyms anymore and it’s always interesting to check out the past of the country you visit, to time travel a bit.
2. City in the miniature is beloved by children. So if you travel together with kids would be excited to visit this place. Cute little models of the real historical buildings of Kiev can be a wonderful background for any children’s game so you can rest for a little while. From another hand, if you’ve come to Kiev only for a few days and you do not have enough time to explore it all you can just come here and imagine yourself a king of the whole city! (согласование времен) Who cares that it is a miniature!
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3. Rental services are very popular in Kiev in general and here in Hydro Park as well. You can find boats, kayaks, catamarans, bikes, skateboards, segways here and everything to enjoy the ride, even beautiful horses!
4. Extreme sports will get you out of your daily routine. There is no way to think about anything when you are jumping from the bridge or flying with the zip-line! Or when you fall into the water through a huge water slide. There is also a wonderful rope town. Do not forget to take a few pee-nuts into your pockets because many squirrels live there!
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5. Cafes and restaurants are everywhere there! After a long happy day on the fresh air you just have to choose what you would like to eat. Delicious barbecue, sushi, burgers, seafood, fruits, cakes, ice cream, sweet corn and many other food and drinks to enjoy your meal.
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Hydro Park is amazing. It is gorgeous enough to make you forget about the city. But at the same time, it hastaken all the best from civilization to entertain and to please any kind of guest, even the miniature ones.
Photos:, Anna Vishtak

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