Destination place: Lviv Chocolate Workshop

Destination place: Lviv Chocolate Workshop

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It is believed that the best artisan chocolate in Ukraine comes from Lviv. Lviv Chocolate Workshop (locally known as «Lvivska Maysternya Shokolady» or Lviv handmade chocolate shop) is a brain-child of iFest holding that is also behind Lviv’s most famous gastro-destinations such as Kryyivka (WW2-themed Ukrainian Patriotic Restaurant), Lviv Coffee Mine (Lvivska Kopal’nya Kavy) and House of Legends (Dim Legend). The place offers great variety of handmade chocolate sweets and massive chocolate bars sold by kilo that make people wait in lines to get their hands on.

Located in the heart of the city (3, Serbska Street, Lviv), Lviv Chocolate Workshop occupies one of the oldest buildings in town. This place offers a cozy coffee shop on the ground floor and magical confectionery shop spreading on 2 floors above it. The shop boasts great variety of handmade chocolate sweets which are sold by piece, so you can pick one or two of any kind and create your own set, which will be nicely and stylishly wrapped for you. This place is a real time-saver when it comes to gift and souvenir shopping for friends and family. Read: Bar Mushly Restaurant in Lviv 6

The chocolate is made in the same building on the first floor. The floor-to-ceiling window offers a great view over the whole process. Often Lviv Chocolate Workshop window gathers crowds of tourists all watching in amazement how skilled chocolatiers work their magic on various chocolate sculptures or intricate confectionery. 

Lviv Chocolate Workshop became one of the most popular travel destinations in Lviv. The coffee shop boasts delicious hot chocolate and aromatic coffee. This is a perfect place in Lviv to spend some quality time with your family as well as a great option for a romantic date.  9

Address: 3, Serbska Street, Lviv.  Read: Lviv Rooftop Terraces for Romantic Dates
Photo source: Lviv Chocolate Workshop Facebook page. All images belong to their rightful owners. 

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