Dungeons of Odessa: facts you should know

Dungeons of Odessa: facts you should know

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What do you imagine when somebody says „Odessa“. No doubts, you see marvelous beaches, blue sea, National Opera building or Deribasivska Street with its pleasant cafes and artists ready to paint your portrait. But the point is that Odessa is not only a beautiful architecture. It also has very interesting undergrounds.

Welcome to dungeons of Odessa with their mysterious landscapes and secrets. Here there are some facts you should know about tunnels which are hidden inside.
Fact #1
Odessa dungeons – is a big system of tunnels made by humans for building purposes. When the construction of modern Odessa began, specialists needed a lot of building materials and decided to extract them. That was the beginning of tunnels creation. Nowadays these tunnels are completely abandoned, but at the same time are very attractive for tourists and people who like unusual places.
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Fact #2
Here, in Odessa dungeons, the one can find old bomb shelter, subways and even small part of the metro, which was planned to be built in Odessa by Kyiv Metrostroy in 1960s. But that project is still not implemented so far.
Fact #3
During the Second World War Odessa dungeons were used as a shelter for the city inhabitants. Partisans also hid in numerous tunnels and mines. They even equipped their camp here with big resources of food, petrol and ammunition.
Fact #4
Tunnels under Odessa are very long. Those who know these places from A to Z or have the map, say that while walking along dungeons, it is quite possible to exit somewhere in the suburbs of the Southern Palmira. But people also warn tourists not to entercatacombs themselves without a guide. It’s not a myth that people from time to time get lost over there.
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Fact #5
The most interesting fact you should know about Odessa’s dungeons is that this place is full of legends. For example, when you visit the tunnels, don’t take away anything as a present. If you disobey, this will bring you a lot of troubles. And locals prove this rule.
So now you are sure that Odessa – is not only about sea vacation. Its dungeons are worth seeing. We hope that thesefive facts about mysterious tunnels will help you to have a great excursion.

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