Most Beautiful Kyiv Fountains

Most Beautiful Kyiv Fountains

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The capital of Ukraine can hardly be named the city of fountains, however Kyiv still can boast some beautiful water pouring pieces of architecture. Recently the city has obtained new modern fountains in its downtown and so far locals and Kyiv’s guests love them.

When the first fountains in Kyiv has appeared, they were fulfilling far more important than just decorative role. Kyiv dwellers used to get drinking water for their households from the fountains.
The very first fountain was established in the capital of Ukraine back in 1849 and it was located on the territory of the Europeyska Square. Among other historically significant fountains of Kyiv are 7 Termin cast iron fountains (Mr Termin was the owner of the biggest cast-iron plant in Ukraine back in the days). Some of the fountains were lost, damaged or stolen, however some of the Termin fountains that survived are now scattered around Kyiv, in Mariinsky Park and by the Golden Gates for example. 
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Another popular fountain is Kyiv is Samson Fountain located in Podil. The current fountain is a copy of the earlier sculpture created in 1749. Sadly, it was destroyed with the beginning of the WW2. The modern copy was carefully re-created in 1982.

As for today there are over 90 small and big fountains in Kyiv. The fountains’ season traditionally starts at the end of April and lasts till the end of October.

Most popular Kyiv fountains are located on Maydan Nezalezhnosti. The first fountain in this location appeared before WW2. Times changed and so did these fountains. The current version was constructed in 2001 and on May 2017 the fountains started the new season with the significant upgrade. Now they offer an exciting lights show and more modern functions.
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In 2016, the new musical and lights fountain near Kyiv Opera House was officially opened. It was dedicated to the Independence Day of Ukraine. Fountains on Rusanovka has also been renovated recently and now are awing many locals with catchy lights show.


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In recent years many new and unusual fountains have appeared in Kyiv such as Origins fountain of Obolon’, The Pearl on Velyka Zhytomyrska, Thumbelina near Puppet Theater, hi-tech pear-shaped fountain on Kharkivskyy Massyv, carpet-fountain in Aliev park and other.
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