National Museum of the History of Ukraine in the World War II

National Museum of the History of Ukraine in the World War II

All war history enthusiasts are welcome to a large museum in the very heart of Kyiv city, dedicated to participation of Ukraine in the Second World War. This memorial complex, which embraces over 10 hectares, is located not far from Arsenalna subway station just near the famous complex of Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, creating an impressive contrast of religious and military views.

Until recently, the name of the complex was Museum of the Great Patriotic War, but in 2015 it was officially renamed into National Museum of the History of Ukraine in the Second World War due to de-communization process. The memorial complex is divided into internal and external exhibitions.

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The external part is represented by numerous units of military equipment (tanks, helicopters, artillery guns, rocket launchers and other), placed all along the central lane of the memorial park, and also by fascinating sculptures, which embody spirit of the brave Ukrainian people fighting Nazi occupants during the Second World War. There are such sculpture compositions as “Crossing the Dniper”, “The transfer of arms” and “Heroes of the front and home front” high relief composition.
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Walking through the park, visitors will surely notice the huge metal bowl located above on the hill. It is “Fire of Glory”, dedicated to all the fallen Ukrainian warriors.
The monumental sculpture of the Motherland holding a sword and a shield is the central figure of the memorial complex. The overall height of the structure is 102 m.
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 In the bottom of the Motherland visitors will find the main part of the internal exhibition of the museum – exposition halls. The numerous exhibition items in 16 halls are placed in chronological order, showing the overall picture of war, describing main battles on the Soviet-German front line, explaining historical reasons, which led to the global tragedy of humanity called the Second World War. The Hall of Glory, which includes marble pillars with 12 thousand surnames of Soviet heroes on them, is a culmination of the whole exposition. In addition, those who are interested in beautiful panorama views can go to observation platforms on the top of Motherland monument in order to see Kyiv at the bird`s eye view.
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“Alley of the hero cities”, located on the square near the Motherland sculpture, and exhibition “At the foreign wars”, presented in a separate building on the halfway from park entrance to the Motherland monument, are the other interesting points of the complex.
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Visit National Museum of the History of Ukraine in the Second World War to expand knowledge about the largest war conflict of XX century.
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