#Odessa: the most interesting Instagram bloggers worth following

#Odessa: the most interesting Instagram bloggers worth following

Photo: Shutterstock.com, Instagram
No doubt, Odessa is one of the loveliest cities in Ukraine. When you hold a camera, it is very difficult to keep yourself from taking photos of the stunning sea, golden beaches, bright sun or fabulous architecture.

In the digital technologies era you don’t need to film everything yourself. For having a great virtual travel it’s enough to follow Instagram accounts of local people from different places around the globe. So, today Destinations is sharing with you our list of the most interesting Instagram bloggers from Odessa who are worth following. It is very much recommended for those who are planning a trip to the Southern Pearl of Ukraine. You will know what to see and where to go beforehand.
Liza Lazdina, @ litttle_l
Liza’s Instagram account already has more than 47 thousands of followers. She says her first photos have been taken during walks with a child. She is keen on the Black Sea and wants to share her excitement with all the people. In her blog you will find a lot of superb pictures of Odessa’s life– from old small streets to the sunset on the beach.

Valeria @ garbuwka
Valeria is completely fond of Odessa – this is her native city and, for sure, by far the most favorite one. Valeria takes pictures while going home in the evening or having her rest near the sea. In real life she is not just a blogger – she is a designer. If you want to grasp what living in Odessa actually means, this is the best account for you.
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Yulia Galushenko @ juliagalushchenko
While staying in Odessa you will definitely want to find some cozy cafes or restaurants with delicious cuisine. Do not waste too much time searching. Follow Instagram of YuliaGalushenko – she posts about her favorite places in Odessa where the one can spend a couple of excellent and tasty hours.
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Dasha D @ddrozhd
If you want one more linkon most interesting Odessa Instagram bloggers worth following, here it is. Dasha’s account is a kind of mixture of the day-to-day life stories and marvelous views of Odessa and region. This is your chance to touch and catch the atmosphere of the city near the Black Sea.
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All in all, don’t lose you time, press the «Like» button and follow the most interesting Odessa Instagram bloggers right now. Don’t miss a thing.

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