Places to Go for the Winter Holidays in Ukraine

Places to Go for the Winter Holidays in Ukraine

Ukraine is an amazing country because its geographical location offers to visit the mountains as well as the seaside. Winter time is the best one to visit Carpathian Mountains in Ukraine to ski and to have a great spa treatment. What are the best destinations for winter hollidays in Ukraine?

Skiing in Bukovel
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Bukovel Ski Resort is one of the most famous in the western Ukraine. It has high standards of service and accommodation also as ski slopes are equipped with everything you may need for the best skiing. There are more than 60 slopes, 16 lifts, luxury hotels, entertainment centers and restaurants. There is Redisson Blu, Bukovel 5-star Resort and Spa Hotel, for those who appreciate hi-end rest and winter holidays over there.
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How to get there: Bukovel is located 110 km far from Ivano-Frankivsk, near the village of Polanitsa. There are regular buses from the regional center to the resort; it is also possible to take a taxi. By the way, there are flights at special prices from the major cities of Ukraine to Ivano-Frankivsk.
Kosino Thermal Spa Complex

Just imagine the hot water thermal spa while it is frost and snow around. The water temperature is +41 °С, so don’t be afraid of the cold Ukrainian winter here. There are 7 original saunas from salty to eucalyptus ones and one ice cave. Thanks to these facilities it is possible to restore the nervous system, to eliminate the problems with the musculoskeletal system, gastrointestinal tract, and cardiovascular activity. There is a hotel here, so anyone can stay and enjoy the rest: it costs UAH 300 for 3,5 hours in thermal complex.
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How to get there: by train from Uzhgorod to Kosoni station, then - by bus or taxi. Or you can take a bus from Beregovo.
Jacuzzi in Water Tanks
There is a hydrogen sulphide mineral water spring in Lumshory village, which has been used for health treatments for a long time. Now this kind of spa rest is very popular among tourists and it is worth trying. You can rent a room or a house in this village and enjoy this unordinary type of Jacuzzi for UAH 200-400 per company of several people. This is really good idea for holidays in Ukraine in winter time.
How to get there: by train to Uzhgorod or Svalyava station. There is a shuttle bus from Uzhgorod to Lumshory twice a day.
Khortytsya Island

Khortytsya Island is a cradle of Zaporizhska Sich, surrounded by rocks and cataracts. In the Museum of History of Zaporizhski Cossacks and the Historical and "Zaporizhya” Cultural Complex you can get into cultural heritage of this land. There are horse performances, Ukrainian crafts’ master-classes, fighting with sabers and many other interesting things. There are a lot of hotels on the island.
How to get there: the island is located in Zaporizhya. You can reach the island upon crossing the bridge. There are urban minibuses there also.
“Shevchenkivsky Gai” in Lviv
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Christmas and winter holidays are famous for folk festivals and Nativity shows. Lviv is the best place to see them. Ukrainian Christmas traditions are represented in “Shevchenkivsky Gai” ethnographic museum of Folk Architecture and Life. It's a magical spot where you can wander for hours just admiring the wooden churches and distinctive buildings. On winter holidays this place in Ukraine is filled with cheerful hubbub dens, funny games, and, of course, Christmas carols. You can stay in one of many Lviv hotels.
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How to get there: tram number 2, 7, 10, “Shevchenkivsky Gai” stop. There are also buses in that direction and, of course, you can take a taxi.
Winter Sea in Odessa
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Yes, winter in Odessa is really special. Only in very cold days you can see snow in this city, but it happens! Frosty wind and cold sea create a special romantic atmosphere when you can walk on the seaside or get into one of many Odessa cafes and restaurants to take a sip of hot spicy wine. It will help you to get warm and cozy. You can also visit one of many interesting excursions over the city. Odessa is a very famous touristic destination, so you will have no problem to find a good hotel here as well as some night entertainments like bars and clubs.
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Christmas time in Kyiv
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Kyiv can surprise you with many ethnical open-air museums with traditional New Year folk festivals and Nativity shows like Pyrohovo, Mamayeva Sloboda, Ukrayinske Selo (Ukrainian Village) in Nikolayivka. Big windmills, old traditional Ukrainian houses with implements, snow fields and amazing panoramas as well as folk festivals and fairs will make your winter holidays in Kyiv during Christmas time unforgettable.
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Enjoy your winter holidays in Ukraine no matter where you go!
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