The Most Beautiful Places in Ukraine: Where to Go for Impressions

The Most Beautiful Places in Ukraine: Where to Go for Impressions

Ukraine is a gift for any traveler and it has numerous destinations to explore. Besides famous touristic sights, Ukraine can also offer less-known but still exciting travel places worth visiting. Let`s take a look at the list of some of the most beautiful places of Ukraine, where one can go for impressions.

Lutsk Castle
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Lutsk castle, or Prince Lubart`s castle, is one of the strongest fortresses of Volhyn region and a very important landmark of Lutsk city. The High castle had existed on the top of the hill since the times of Rurik dynasty. In 1340-85, Lithuanian-Russian prince Lubart reconstructed the building so it became a typical European medieval feudal castle, which we can see today. Lubart`s castle served as a residence for Volhyn princes, and even as a capital of Galicia-Volhyn kingdom. The castle was reinforced in 1430-1542 in the times of prince Svydrygailo government. Lutsk castle complex includes three towers and few residential houses, surrounded by walls, and also basements and caves of John the Evangelist cathedral of XII century, where prince Lubart and other Volhyn rulers were buried. The territory of complex offers few museums dedicated to the subjects of painting, bells, architectural pottery, printing and weapons. The castle is being continuously restored; its territory provides great opportunities for archeological research.
Address: 1a, Kafedralna street, Lutsk city
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Yalpug Lake
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Yalpug is a freshwater liman lake, located on the South West of Ukraine in Odesa oblast`. It is the largest natural lake of the country. The underground sources of the lake flow from Yalpug village in Moldova. Picturesque nature of Yalpug lake always attracts many tourists. Yalpug is a great place for hunting and fishing. Rich fauna of the area includes 30 species of fish, more than 10 species of snakes, crayfishes, frogs, mussels etc. There are also many birds such as swans, ducks, gulls, and animals – muskrats, ground squirrels and other. People used to say that when famous poet Alexander Pushkin was travelling through Odesa oblast`, he was very impressed by the beauty of Yalpug lake, so he planted an oak on the lake bank. Nowadays, it is hard to say if it is true or not. However, locals believe in this legend and take care of the tree.
How to reach: By bus from Odesa to Bolgrad
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Tustan Fortress
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Tustan fortress city is an architectural landmark and a natural monument at the same time. This place attracts numerous tourists. The history of Tustan begins in XII century. In process of fortress construction, it was decided to use natural resource of rock, so the fortress itself was made of wood and fixed to the rock. In course of time, wooden structure has been destroyed, but castle-looking rock still exists. Tustan fortress was an important fortified strongpoint of Kyivan Rus and then of Galicia-Volhyn kingdom. In 1241, it was destroyed by Batu Khan army, and in 1340 it was seized and renovated by Kazimir the Great, the Polish king. The fortress is very popular among rock climbers. There is a museum near Tustan, dedicated to the history of this fortress city. “Tu Stan`!” festival is annually held here. On festival, historical events from the life of Ukrainian Cossacks are reenacted.
How to reach: by bus from Lviv to Skhodnica town, then by another bus from Skhodnica to Urich village, then it is needed to go 1 km by foot.
Krasnokutsk Arboretum

Krasnokutsk arboretum is one of the oldest dendrologic parks of Ukraine. It was established in 1793 by Ivan Karazin, a biologist. His father, a colonel of Russian army, received these lands by the order of Ekaterina II. While travelling around the world, Ivan had gathered many rare and unique plant seeds, which were later acclimatized in the dendrologic park. The plants growing in the park include ginkgo, Canadian poplar, American plane tree (sycamore), Abies Lowiana, Weymouth pine, Japanese quince, balck walnut and many other. In general, Krasnokutsk arboretum includes more than 300 types of unique plants. Nowadays, Krasnokutsk arboretum belongs to Krasnokutsk gardening research station. On the park territory, tourists can visit Petropavlovsk monastery caves.
Address: 10, Telmana street, Krasnokutsk town, Kharkiv oblast’
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