The Most Beautiful Ukrainian Small Towns

The Most Beautiful Ukrainian Small Towns

Many travelers, who come to Ukraine get caught up in visiting large, popular cities. Although often overlooked, small towns often provide the greatest insights into local culture and enable travelers to engage with locals in uncommon ways.

Ukraine was built upon small towns and villages. Adventurous and open-minded travelers can get a taste of what it’s like to live somewhere completely different or perhaps even startlingly similar to what they’re used to. Whether you have your own car or choose to rent one, small towns are typically best explored on road trips to enjoy the sights at a slower pace. These are some of the most beautiful small towns to visit in Ukraine.
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This small town has the total area of only 35 square kilometers and is often included into travel itineraries of those traveling to Ukraine. The town was established in 1430 by Yanush Tyshkevych - the owner of the old castle located nearby. Berdychiv is located in Zhytomyr region and once has been an important intellectual center and hotbed of Jewish culture in Ukraine. Before WW2 Berdychiv's population was more than 80% Jewish. These days Berdychiv's Jewish community numbers only several hundreds, but the city remains an important pilgrimage site for the followers of revered Hasidic master Levi Yitzhak (1740–1810), who is buried in the town's remarkable Jewish cemetery. Long time ago it was called the 'town-fortress' and 'Volyn's Jerusalem.’ Only the majestic, ancient buildings, standing in stark contrast with the unremarkable soviet-era ones, remind us about the peculiar past of this picturesque town.

Mukachevo (also known as Mukacheve)
Mukachevo is a city located in the valley of the Latorica River in Zakarpattia Oblast in western Ukraine. This is an ancient town with very interesting and intriguing history. Medieval castle walls, Gothic basilicas, Baroque Catholic churches, ancient estates and paved narrow streets - all of these historical attractions and unique beauty and atmosphere of hidden urban gem of Mukachevo attract numerous visitors to walk into a true European fairy tale.


Berestechko is a town in Volyn Oblast of Ukraine. It is located on the picturesque banks of Styr River. This town is best known for a great battle of the Cossack-Polish War which took place near Berestechko in 1651. There is a whole national historical and memorial reserve 'Field of the Battle of Berestechko' dedicated to this historical event. The memorial reserve is one of the most meaningful places at Volyn, having a huge historical value.


dom usadby igoria stravinskogo
Photo: Stravinsky Museum,
Ustyluh is charming tiny town in Volyn Oblast located on the bank of Bug River. The border bridge over the Bug connects Zosin town in Poland with Ustyluh in Ukraine. It is best known for being a home for Igor Stravinsky who is considered to be one of the most influential composers of the 20th century. Igor Stravinsky had an estate in Ustyluh and visited it frequently between 1890 and 1914. These days a small museum is open today in his family estate.
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Beautiful little hidden gems that you don’t regularly hear about, but definitely should! These towns are where the heart and soul of Ukraine are.
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