Unknown Beautiful Beaches in Ukraine

Unknown Beautiful Beaches in Ukraine

Usually it’s hard to get lot of pleasure from going to the most popular and easy-to-find beaches. For those who love to spend more time alone and further away from the city noise, there are plenty of yet unknown beaches in Ukraine to visit.

Blakytni (Blue) Lakes

Clear water and cool pine forests are waiting for you here. Four lakes were formed after the flooding of pits, where quartz sand was mined. These natural reservoirs are situated very close to pine forests, that is why the air is considered to be healing here. Place has already got a little infrastructure: you can stay not only in your own tents, but also rent one of the houses nearby.
Where: Oleshnya village, Chernihiv region

Vita Lake

The lake is located on the territory of ‘Vita’ recreation complex in the mountains at 800m altitude above sea level, which is considered to be ideal for health. This lake is very deep, sometimes up to 15 meters. For convenience, two magnificent swimming pools for adults and children were built from its diversion.
Where: Nyzhne Studene village, Zakarpattia region

Bile (White) Lake

This lake is usually called the ‘pond of youth’, because the water here contains a lot of glycerin that makes skin soft after bathing. Water in this lake is very clean: the visibility is two meters (for reservoir with a sandy bottom it is a lot). Couple of hotels and resorts are built on the bank, however you can also relax in your own tent.
Where: near Rudka village, Rivne region

Bakotska Bay

This place draws special microclimate, rocky shores and beautiful healing mineral springs. Here you will find much sun and almost no wind that can’t get into through the hills that surround the area.
Where: near Kam’yants-Podilskyi, Khmelnytsk region

Biriuchyi Island

Crowds of tourists have not reached this stunning place yet, so its many kilometers of beaches can still be called deserted. Here you will find white clean sand, clear water along with a chance to see antelopes and deer in the Azov-Sivash National Park.
Where: Azovske Sea, near Kyrylivka village, Kherson region

Go ahead and discover the yet unknown beaches in Ukraine where you will find pure beauty and peace!

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