Visiting Ternopil: Places to See

Visiting Ternopil: Places to See

Ternopil is one of the largest cities of Western Ukraine. This is a cozy, incredibly green city with a laid-back, relaxed and almost European feel. Ternopil region has a bright history and a plethora of interesting natural, historical and architectural sights, which makes it rather popular travel destination of Western Ukraine.

The first thing that would pop to mind of many locals when being asked about city’s main attractions is a huge artificial lake located in the city center of Ternopil. The lake is as old as the city itself: it was created at the same time as the Old Ternopil Castle. Parks and gardens surround the lake, and it is a popular strolling place for locals and guests alike.
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Old Ternopil Castle is considered to be city’s main point of interest. The castle was built 500 years ago. Now it is the oldest surviving construction in the city. During long years of its existence the building of the Ternopil Castle was ruined and was re-built many times. In the 19th century, the castle was turned into a Russian classicist palace, and its remaining defenses were annihilated. Today, a stone wall with highly decorated gates surrounds the palace.


Ternopil will also be an interesting travel destination for sacral architecture fans. Dominican Church is one of the most beautiful temples of the city. Built in the 18th century in the late Baroque style, its elegant towers rise in the historic city center. Near the church stand the Dominican monks’ living quarters. In Soviet times, the church was turned into art gallery. Today, it is again a functioning church.

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Another fine sample of religion architecture in Ternopil is the Church of Exaltation of the Cross. It was built in early 16th century on the territory of an ancient Kyivan Rus temple. Back in the days the Church was also a fort, which defended city’s borders from enemies. Surprisingly, the Church has no domes. Recently, the church has undergone the major reconstruction and was named the "Church on the Lake.” 

Ternopil is a very quiet and calm city. That is why so many travelers come here not only to admire its sights, but also to feel the unusually authentic and interesting atmosphere of traditional Western Ukrainian city.
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