Weekend Outside Kiev: Top 3 Interesting Places

Weekend Outside Kiev: Top 3 Interesting Places

The summer season brings pleasant warm weather that calls to take a ride outside the city. Check out top 3 interesting places near Kiev that are really worth visiting during the weekend.

Park in Buky village

The park was founded in 1996 in Buky village that is located 110km away from Kiev. Back then, local businessman bought 2.7 hectares of land that was a dump. He was able to turn this landfill into a wonderful landscape park. The park is divided into two parts. A huge fountain decorated the entrance to the first part. In the same part there is a beautiful bell tower of Daniel and St. Eugene’s Church. In the second part, there are the residency of the owners, a small zoo and fairytales Alley. The entrance to this part is not free; however, it doesn’t cost a lot – only UAH 10. Here, on the banks of the river, there are three happy frogs, symbolizing wealth and riches, and other fairy characters. From the beautiful bridge, located on the sides of the narrow path, you can admire the Valley of fairytales on one side and a small but exquisite waterfall on the other. There is a hotel, restaurant and summer café on the territory of the park.
Where: Buky, Skvyrsky district, Kiev region

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Watermill in Gorodyshche-Pustovarovske village

114km away from the capital, there is a large complex of buildings of watermill - a unique monument of industrial architecture. It was built in the second half of 19th century by famous landowner Podgorski, who owned Gorodyshche-Pustovarovske sugar factory. The complex consists of two buildings separated by a dam across the river Ros. On the right bank is a three-store building that is now partially destroyed. On the left bank, a large four-store building has survived in good condition and is still used for its intended purpose: it is a working mill (but now electric) with working equipment.
Where: Gorodyshche-Pustovarovske village, Volodarsky district, Kiev region

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Drowned Church in Husyntsi

During the creation of Kanev Reservoir in 1972, several villages in Rzhyshchiv district (80 km from Kiev) were flooded. However, Spaso-Preobrazhenska Church with a bell tower remained waterlogged in the former Husyntsi village. On a tiny island, surrounded by the flawless blue of the Dnieper, the golden dome of Spaso-Preobrazhenska Church is still shining in the sun. The church, towering over the water, is a fantastic spectacle! The temple complex consists of a building of the church and the bell tower, executed in the Ukrainian Baroque style.
Address: Husyntsi tract, Rzhyshchiv district, Kiev region

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Make a trip to one of the best interesting places near Kiev and you will see that amazing things are so close!

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