Running tours in Kiev

Running tours in Kiev



Recently, in Kiev running sightseeing tours have appeared and are very popular among tourists. It is a new but very interesting way to know Kiev better.

Fans of jogging do not want to give up the habitual lifestyle while travelling. While running tours the guests of the capital are accompanied by experienced instructors-guides. You can get also photos taken by a professional photographer. There are a lot of foreigners who speak English among the participants of such excursions. If it is hard to run, the guide will make the tour slower and even switch to the pedestrian mode. Running tours are held at any time of the year.
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You can choose one of five main routes:
1.Botanical Garden: 4.5 km.
2.Podil and Andriyivsky Descent: 6 km.
3.Khreshchatyk, Arch of Friendship, the Mariinsky Park, the Museum of the Second World War; panoramic platforms from which the Dnipro River is seen: 5-10 km.
4.Khreshchatyk, Independence Square, Vladymirska Street, Andriyivsky Descent with an overview of the many attractions: 6 km.
5.Jogging in the forest on one of the islands of the Dnipro River: 5-20 km.
You can also choose some other routes and cross-country excursions.

Price: individual excursion 20 euros, for 3-4 persons - 30 euros, for 5-6 persons - 40 euros. +38 050 416-54-57

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