Scientific Developments in Ukraine

Scientific Developments in Ukraine

Not only do traditions and rich culture make Ukraine famous around the world, but significant breakthroughs here also deliver benefits to the country's image. The list of scientific developments in Ukraine is constantly refilling with new striking achievements and they are truly worth mentioning.

Solar Panel Window Blinds
Who could ever have thought that window blinds can save money? But here they are! Solar panel smart blinds! By the first sight, they are traditional blinds, but if to take a close look one can notice that they are covered with photovoltaic cells. Solar Panel Window blinds have been engineered to take up solar sunlight and turn it into electric energy. Smart blinds can store about 100 kilowatts of energy per month and it can considerably influence numbers in your electricity bill.
Oil water purification
Another innovation Ukraine can be proud of is water purification. Ukrainian 11-grader came up with idea how to get water clean of oil. Applying hydrophobic adsorbent enables to push off water and absorb only oil. Degree of purification equals 99% and it is absolutely safe for the environment. What is more remarkable is the fact that in case of industrial disaster hydrophobic adsorbent can not only purify water, but also save the nature.
DiGi24 smart house
DiGi24 smart house is a set of gadgets installed in the house to help control household appliances. So there is no need in worrying about mundane things anymore. DiGi24 smart house application on your cellphone synchronized with a smart router will signal you in case you forgot turn off the iron or lock the door rushing out of the house. Moreover, thanks to a motion sensor, there is no way for burglars to break into your house, as you will get to know about that at once.
Smart streets for blind people
Promising start-up team in Ukraine within the framework of the Open World project came up with idea how to make life in big city more comfortable for blind people. They developed an application to be connected with special transducers in buildings around the city. Thus if a blind person wants to get to some place he/she just need to choose necessary building or object in the smartphone and a special indicator walks him/her to the destination. Not all the buildings in Kyiv has the transducer yet, but start-uppers are working towards setting transducers all around the city.
Strabismus curing application
Innovative way to cure strabismus was elaborated by another Ukrainian school student. 17-year-old Serhiy Lukianov pulled off a new and quite entertaining way to treat strabismus. It is an activity of overlaying red and blue figures with the help of application and 3D glasses. 2-3 minutes of such activity a day is enough. Despite the fact that the application is not able yet to cure strabismus completely, some positive effects have been already recorded.

Senstone is a smart stone that resembles rather a brooch, but in fact it is a smart device for instant note-taking. It is 2,9 centimeters in diameter and 26 grams in weight. Quite a tiny thing, but it is capable to output on your cellphone the text you dictate to it, classify the notes, recognize 13 languages and retain the charge for 3 days.
Senstone enables you not to keep in mind some minor things to do that are usually not written down. Just whisper it to the gadget and get them on your cellphone.

Synchronous is the first Ukrainian prototype of electric car. Among all the other electric vehicles, Ukrainian one outstands a little with it unusual design that resembles rather a Middle Age carriage, but a luxury one. Innovative electric engine, solar panels on the roof and modern operating system start out a new modern stage in Ukrainian car industry.
A lot of work has already been done, but more is ahead. And Ukraine is on the right track to be among the developed one day.

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